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THE 1914 CHRISTMAS TRUCE: [2:46]This is a famous story. But did you know Pope Benedict XV helped inspire it?

IMPEACHMENT: Gingrich [3:29] The psychotic Left can’t stop playing with this dead cat.

IMPEACHMENT: Huckabee [7:21]Impeachment was sooooo urgent that Democrats couldn’t wait for the courts to rule on Trump’s executive privilege … so they stalled it for the holidays.

CLIMATE: THIS IS EXCELLENT! [10:21]Greta blames the wrong people for stealing her childhood. The real villains are the inconveniently untruthful climate activists like Al Gore.

Contrary to their forecasts of planetary doom, crystal-clear science shows that a broad range of outcomes related to climate change have stayed level or improved for the past 30 years.

Rigorous documentation of every fact in this video is available at the link below.

2019_12 24 New Yorker future of Earth

TDS in NY: A bill that would have permitted federal judges to officiate at weddings passed both chambers of the New York state legislature with overwhelming and bipartisan support.

Gov. Cuomo vetoed it, because it would allow Trump-appointed federal judges to perform weddings in New York State.

HATE HOAXES: [13:49]The narrative gets served first. The truth gets served later, with much less visible effect.

2019_12 24 circle game

THE CIRCLE GAME: It’s like flashing bunny ears – The military has concluded that the circle hand gestures flashed by West Point cadets and Naval Academy midshipmen during the televised Army-Navy football game were not racist signals, but part of a sophomoric game.

A spokesman said, “We are disappointed by the immature behavior of the two Fourth Class Midshipmen, and their actions will be appropriately addressed.”

2019_12 24 Singing Revolution

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: Dearest and I really liked this! Get it.

2019_12 22 M Nativity

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz introduced a New Friend to PoliNation. Word is it is her “new favorite.”

Welcome to the garden, New Friend! Feel free to join in on the comments. We’d love to get to know you.

Photo: Many years ago, a friend of mine was selling DIY nativity kits containing the wooden triangle, wood and cork shapes, and scraps of various fabrics and trims. We had so much fun making this!


2019_12 24 Santa pizza wine

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