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2019_12 17 Joining Mary's Joy

RICHARD JEWELL: I wish I could go see this in the theater! Doggone MCS … I have to wait for the DVD. ::sigh:: Anyway, I’m putting this twelve minute interview here at the top because it is really worth watching right to the end.

2019_12 17 dem prez cand economy

TRUMP ECONOMY: Income inequality is plummeting in the blue-collar, middle-class Trump EconomyFrom the start of the current expansion to December 2016, average wage growth for workers lagged that of managers. Those without a college degree lagged that of college graduates, and African Americans lagged that of white Americans. Since Trump took office, each of these trends has been reversed.” – Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump and Director of the Council of Economic Advisers Tomas Philipson

SPIRITUAL WAR: [3:51] Just a few weeks ago, we reported that a public library in King County, Washington, allowed a trannie to perform a strip tease and lewd dance at Story Hour.

More recently, that same county used tax dollars to hire a trannie to get naked, give lap dances, and forcibly kiss audience members … at a fundraiser for homelessness!

JUSTICE: [8:33]Are there limits to Congress’ oversight powers? SCOTUS will be ruling on Democrats’ demands for President Trump to turn over his tax returns.

2019_12 17 Mr Church

MOVIE RECOMMENDATION: A warm, wonderful movie based on a true story. Overall, the message is very positive and there is no violence, sex, or bad language. However, some scenes and themes are not appropriate for children.

2019_12 17 CAT crochet

CROCHET: A study of 8,000 people in Australia found that 90 percent reported feeling calmer when they crocheted, 82 percent said the hobby made them feel happier, and 70 percent said it improved their memory.

They didn’t ask about Feline Paralysis, but I’m guessing if they had, 100% would have said, “You can’t crochet when the cat needs a cuddle.”

2019_12 17 Wreath

GRAMMY NOTES: Clever Mama Buzz made an Advent wreath for the front door!


2019_12 17 Chloe Trump

2019_12 17 DOG loves toy

2019_12 17 private mittens

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