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2019_12 13 Holy Family after

BIBLE STUDY: “Upon arrival in Bethlehem it is likely Mary and Joseph turned to the family patriarch for lodging. This is of course inconsistent with the traditional understanding of the couple being turned away by the wicked innkeeper, a story founded on an inaccurate translation of a Greek word.

“The King James Version of the Bible, following even earlier traditions (as early as the Latin Vulgate), translated kataluma as inn in Luke 2:7. Kataluma, used also in Luke 22:7 and translated there as large upper room, seems to mean something like guest room.

“Considering that Mary had relatives in the area (earlier trip to visit Cousin Elizabeth) and Middle Eastern hospitality culture that would never turn away a relative, especially an expectant mother, it is safe to assume she was welcomed by her family. The phrase translated no room in the kataluma probably means the guest room was full as many other relatives were also in town for the census, disqualifying it as a reasonable place to give birth. …

“It is probable that when Mary’s time was near, she was helped to the storeroom, animals were shooed away, a manger (feeding trough) was refitted with fresh straw and a clean blanket, and baby Jesus was welcomed into the world assisted by the family matriarch and likely some of the other women relatives.”

HOROWITZ: Must watch [21:17]Highlights from Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. If you’re too busy to watch it all, start at 14:00 and listen to Senator Hawley’s section.

2019_12 12 CNN

HOROWITZ: It’s not just what Democrat media shills cover. It’s also what they don’t cover.

After providing hours and hours and hours of live coverage to the Democrat-majority-House impeachment hearings, CNN and MSNBC both limited coverage of the Republican-majority-Senate IG hearing to 30 minutes, which did not include the opening statements by Sen. Lindsey Graham.

HOROWITZ: [5:47] – “The day of reckoning is coming.”

HOROWITZ: [7:20] Tucker Carlson on how the Horowitz report exposed the liars and know-nothings in the media.

WE BUILD THE WALL: [1:55]They’ve raised $25 Million and are scheduled to build 35 more miles of border wall.

2019_12 13 ABORTION Trump

ABORTION: Almost one-third of all independent abortion facilities have closed since 2012 and only a handful have opened. Independent abortion businesses perform more than 50% of all abortions and the vast majority of late-term abortions. Planned Parenthood abortion centers and hospitals and doctors’ offices do the rest.

2019_12 13 federal appeals courts

JUSTICE: Trump appointee, Lawrence VanDyke, has been confirmed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Thirteen of 29 judges on the “circus” court have now been appointed by Republican presidents hopefully ending the use of this court to rubber stamp Democrat policies.

KEVIN HART: [5:54] In September, this actor suffered a serious back injury as a result of a car accident. His attitude about the aftermath is uplifting.

2019_12 13 word nerd

WORD NERD: Semantic Drift Quiz from Merriam-WebsterA challenging quiz of changing words. These words may not be on the tip of anyone’s tongue, but once upon a time all of these were synonyms for common words. If you want to sound as though you had spent the morning eating a very old thesaurus instead of breakfast then this quiz is for you. It will give you superpowers: the knowledge you gain will annoy your friends and annoy your enemies even more.

This is hard! I only got 5 out of 11. And I only got one of those 5, because the “old” word is still in use in the building trades. (Dearest is an architect.)

GRAMMY NOTES: I still consider myself a beginner at crochet, though I think maybe I can add “advanced” to that now. One of my dds asked for slippers for her kids and sent me tracings of their feet with measurements of heel height, distance from leg to toe, and distance across the arch (floor to floor). She noted they would enjoy having them made “crazy” so to feel free using left-overs.

I made it up as I went along, doing both slippers at the same time, row by row … or stitch by stitch where it got tricky! LOL After I got the soles done, I cut out insoles from flannel (bottom) for softness and quilting cotton (top) for pretty, stay stitched them together, then carefully zig-zagged them on to the soles, making sure I didn’t snag the outer row that I’d need to crochet the tops.

Today, in my email, I received the panel’s judgment. Kids: “These are so nice!” Mama: “They fit snugly, but not too tight, which is great!” Yay! That’s exactly what I was going for.

They also really love the Worry Pet, which is an autism therapy toy to help relieve anxiety. Besides being soft, squishy, and super cute, it has a little hole on top of the head to insert a pipette and lots of cotton balls inside to soak up essential oils. I primed it with lavender, which is relaxing.

2019_12 13 CATS ordering yarn

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