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2019_12 12 our lady

FEAST OF OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE: Juan Diego’s visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary led directly to the conversion of nine million Mexican Indians.

These apparitions are a family favorite, because Dearest’s paternal grandfather was from Mexico and because nobody can explain how the image happened in the first place or how it has survived the depradations of time and a terrorist bomb!

DAN BONGINO: Ep 1132 The Media Missed this Hidden Bombshell in the IG Report [1:02:51]Dan continues his dissection of the IG report. Articles Dan thinks you shouldn’t miss are at this link.

FYI: “Crossfire Hurricane” was the code name for the FBI’s 2016-2017 investigation into whether individuals associated with Trump were coordinating with the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the election.

2019_12 12 rolling stone

IG REPORT: Yes, Rolling Stone!If the report released Monday by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz constitutes a ‘clearing’ of the FBI, never clear me of anything. Holy God, what a clown show the Trump-Russia investigation was. …

“Not only did obtaining a FISA warrant allow authorities a window into other Trump figures with whom Page communicated, they led to a slew of leaked “bombshell” news stories that advanced many public misconceptions, including that a court had ruled there was “probable cause” that a Trump figure was an “agent of a foreign power.

“There are too many to list in one column, but the Horowitz report show years of breathless headlines were wrong. Some key points: …”

Read the rest.

2019_12 12 impeachment thin ice by Branco

IMPEACHMENT:  One of the two impeachment charges involves President Trump’s refusal to respond to congressional subpoenas.

Joe Biden says that if he is subpoenaed by the Senate, he absolutely will not comply.

“No one is above the law,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (and umpteen other Democrats and Democrat media shills).

2019_12 12 Oracle

SAN FRANCISCO: Oracle’s OpenWorld conference, which annually hosts 60,000 guests, will be leaving San Francisco after two decades, reportedly citing “poor street conditions” and high costs as the driving factors in the decision.

45 PEACH MINTS: This young man is going to go far! [2:03].

2019_12 12 EO box

ESSENTIAL OILS: Five Stars for Plant TherapyThis beautiful and informative site is easy to navigate and the oils are reasonably priced and good quality. My experiences with customer service have also been very satisfactory.

My favorite features are the KidSafe and Pups and Ponies sections. Also, I just love the labels included on the top of the bottles. They’re so much nicer than my own LOL.

2019_12 12 grammy

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny’s school is spreading kind words One project is to make book marks with kind messages on them to give to others. On the backs are messages encouraging the recipient to make more and do the same.

And speaking of words, our priest was on a real tear last week-end preaching against gossip. He said it’s a mortal sin.

I googled “gossip” and came across this: Psychologists say this phrase will stop gossip in its tracks. Why are you telling me this?

Psychologists say that this is effective for a couple of reasons. First, the question immediately disrupts any self-serving motive from the gossiper. Second, the phrase forces them to face the fact that you’re probably none-too-happy about being involved.”

2019_12 12 Star Wars Wizard of Oz

2019_12 12 Yoda's last name

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