My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 impeach this

JOB APPROVAL: On the very same day that Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against Trump, his average job approval rating was 45%.

On the same day of Obama‘s first term, his average job approval rating was 43.5%.

These numbers are even more extraordinary given the huge disparity in their media coverage.

2020 Hillary Michelle

POLLS: The Democrat presidential field is so terrible that two recent polls put Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama in front of all the declared candidates.

BOOTY JUDGE: Appealing to Democrats’ Identity Politicians [13:51]Bill Whittle and Scott Ott discuss the potential of a Democrat presidential ticket featuring gay Pete Buttigieg with female Tulsi Gabbard.

Besides checking off two important boxes for identity-obsessed Dems, these military veterans are young, telegenic, and less bat guano crazy than the rest of the field.

SECOND AMENDMENT: The soon-to-be Democrat-dominated state government in Virginia plans to outlaw and confiscate guns [8:07]One county sheriff has a plan.

MEDICARE FOR ALL: College students are for it, until they find out what’s in it [2:20] – “I think everyone should have free health care … Wait, wut? You’d have to pay for it? I don’t support that.

Welcome to the fairly useless opinions of people who are still having all of their bills paid by their mommies and daddies.

2020 catholic vote

THE CATHOLIC VOTE: Catholics who say they accept all Church teachings are more likely than other Americans to say they are planning to vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Unfortunately, Catholics who accept all the Church’s teachings are in the minority among those who self-identify as Catholic.

2020 biden irish

BIDEN: Old Foot-in-Mouth strikes again.


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  1. Biden: “I may be Irish but I’m not stupid.”

    I wonder what Milady’s family, deeply rooted in their Democrat Irish-Catholic Chicago grounding, think of ol’ Sloppy Joe..

    We don’t talk politix with family, though, so we probably will never know.

    I can’t see any scenario where Big Mike Obama moves back into the Whitefolks House built by slaves.

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