2019_12 10 pro-life win

Kentucky’s ultrasound law stands!

The Supreme Court has declined to take up a challenge to Kentucky’s law requiring abortion center staff to show each patient her ultrasound images and describe the dimensions of her unborn baby and the presence of internal organs, if seen.

The lone abortion clinic in Kentucky routinely performs ultrasounds before doing abortions, but doesn’t like patients to see the images, since so many women change their minds after seeing they are carrying a baby, not a blob.

Earlier this year, judges, from the 6th Circuit, ruled 2-1 that the law did not violate a doctor’s First Amendment rights to free speech and that the information gleaned from an ultrasound was pertinent to a woman’s decision-making.

The attorney for the state of Kentucky noted it “adds absolutely no more than five minutes to the procedure. There’s nothing unreasonable about this.”

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