My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 Lies

DEMOCRAT GO-TO STRATEGY: When the facts make Trump look good, Democrats just make stuff up.

Recently, Schiff tweeted, “Trump is seeking to kick millions of families and children off food assistance.” And AOC moaned about “dissolving lifelines of those who need it most.”

The new rule applies only to able-bodied, childless adults between the ages of 18 and 49.

And The New York Times article clearly says “nearly 700,000” will be affected which, last I looked isn’t even one million, never mind millions with an ess on the end.

Anyway, what is the big deal?! We went on food stamps when we were both unexpectedly out of work. There most definitely was a work requirement.

So thank you, taxpayers, for helping us through a low point. We were and are very grateful. But it never occurred to us that we shouldn’t keep trying to find new jobs!

Officials say the rule, which takes effect April 1, 2020, will save the government billions of dollars and encourage more people to work at a time when jobless rates are near a 50-year low.

2020 quid pro joe

QUID PRO JOE: Biden bragged in public and on camera that, when he was Obama’s VP, he threatened to withhold vital U.S. aide to the Ukraine if they did not fire then-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Shokin got fired; Ukraine got their money.

The Epoch Times reports that now-former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin says his office was preparing to interview then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, as part of a money laundering probe into Hunter Biden’s employer, the Burisma energy company.

Shokin says then-President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, told him directly that he had to step down as prosecutor general because Joe Biden had threatened to withhold vitally needed aid.You are a patriot of Ukraine. We need this billion dollars.”

Several Senate committees are probing what the Bidens did during their dealings with Ukraine.


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5 responses to “2020

  1. red

    Always, dnc/kkk=nazi party usa congressional clowns in action. What is shocking, so many seem to believe their lies. You know this, one more lie on the mountain high cliff of lies. Every lemming races up to hear it, then jumps over the side only to come back for more lies. What did God say about fools? what tickles their ears.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      It is heartening to see Trump’s approvals slowly rise as more of them see past the lies! We must keep praying for them.


      • red

        Yes! Bless you for saying that! Walk in HIs beauty


        • red

          And, forgot to say, in pray and study, one thing we pray for is all spiritual protection around ungodly liberalism and ungodly conservatism be destructed. All spiritual protection around atheism, apostates, and agnosticism be destroyed. And it goes on to ungodly political entities, DNC, PRI, the KKK, Nazism, antifa, alt-right, RINOs, and so on. Do not never ever pray a person be destroyed, only that these demonic things God hates are. When you pray for these enemies, the Holy Spirit acts to draw them into the fold but the devil strives with the people to keep them as slaves. May their eyes and hearts be open to You, Lord! niio!