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We are all recovering from shock here today. Late yesterday we received the news that baby Brianna has defied the odds and delivered a Christmas miracle for her family.

Diagnosed in pregnancy with a rare and “terminal” genetic condition from having a small cerebellum and pons in the brain (a condition called Pontocerebellar hypoplasia or PCH), she was given anywhere between a few hours and young adulthood to live (she also had fluid on the brain). The family were told to “terminate” the pregnancy. As there is no cure. There is no “fix”. There is no answer.

Yet yesterday it was found, to the shock of doctors, nurses and well….everyone involved really….that she was perfectly healthy. The initial diagnostic symptoms she had have miraculously disappeared and she was cleared of the condition after passing a million and 1 tests – from eye scans, to renal tests, to ultrasounds and even a brain MRI.

I would not have believed this had I not attended the last scan (to support the family as a bereavement and birth doula) and witnessed the examination of the brain and saw the fluid with my own 2 eyes.

We literally saw the diagnosis.
We spoke with multiple doctors and specialists in depth.
We were referred to the pallative care team to “plan”.
We were told to prepare for the worst.
And on multiple occasions, even I was asked if I knew what I was in for and prepared myself for the journey that I was about to undertake as a doula supporting this family.

Today…..there are no words. There is no explanation.

Just joy and tears. BIG HAPPY TEARS!

This story needs to be told. Both the family and I feel the need to do that. Soooo….watch this space!!

Doula Selena

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  1. red

    Yo! Beautiful! I love what doctors told my niece, a cousin, and my stepdaughter about their problems, you don’t know what the future holds, so hold on to hope and to God. Researchers into these problems say, today’s spontaneous abortion is tomorrow’s preemie baby. Always hold on and PRAY! Bless God for your miracle!

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