My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 foreign policy

GOD BLESS AMERICA: [7:03]The Shalva Band is comprised of 8 talented musicians with disabilities who perform to the highest musical standards by invitation at cultural venues and dignitary events throughout the year.

Inspiring crowds throughout Israel and around the world with its musical repertoire and charm, the band is one of Shalva’s most celebrated inclusion programs.

BIDEN: A new Biden campaign ad accused “dangerously incompetent” President Trump of undermining foreign policy and ruining relationships with allies.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Project much, Joe?!

They’re laughing at him.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No, Joe. We’re laughing at you.

BIDEN: Greg Gutfeld on the “No Malarkey” bus tour [7:02]He’s not the Democrats’ real candidate. Impeachment is.

One of the ladies on the street had it exactly right. Malarkey means “empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk.”

Juan Williams, “I think Republicans are worried about Biden.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

2020 BIDEN nonsense

BOOTY JUDGE: [4:00] – “I am running not only to be the Democratic nominee who can bring change to the White House” … because this era of low unemployment, rising wages, high stock markets, no major wars, declining abortion rates, etc., has just got to end.

MEDICARE FOR ALL: [1:24] – It’s a loser for Democrats.

Click the link to read the first person story of an American woman who has been severely epileptic since infancy. The excellent care she received here in the states has given her a fulfilling life. After taking a job in London, she was shocked to discover how bad the nationalized health care is in the UK. As much as she wanted to stay there for a job she loved, she had to return home. Her life depended on it.

2020 super tuesday

SUPER TUESDAY: March 3, 2020 – Super Tuesday is the date during the presidential primary when the largest number of states hold primaries or caucuses. It is significant because of the likelihood that the day’s winner will become their respective party’s nominee.

Though many states have not yet announced what day their primary will be, it is clear from the number of states who have announced thus far that March 3rd will have the greatest concentration.

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