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2019_12 07 Miraculous Medal prayer

SHIFTY SCHIFF: [7:51]What is Schiff doing with the phone records of any American citizen, never mind those of a reporter, a congressman, and the president’s lawyer?!?!

Empty judge seat

JUDGES: The Senate has now confirmed 170 of Trump’s nominees to federal benches. One of these seats, in the Eastern District of North Carolina, had been vacant for 14 years. One in five federal judges are now Trump appointees.

2019_12 07 crooked

ANOTHER CROOKED DEMOCRAT: Prosecutors have charged Pennsylvania State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell (Philadelphia) with perjury and theft. They say the money she collected never went to those in need, but rather to support her own extravagant lifestyle, which included a expensive clothes, a Porsche, vacations, and real estate.

2019_12 07 First Ladies

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Liberals wear poop-colored glasses.

2019_12 07 bongino

BONGINO REPORT:Dan Bongino did a soft launch of his new conservative news aggregator Wednesday morning, before starting to promote it in earnest on Twitter and his podcast later in the day, because he wanted to be sure the server could handle the traffic. A short while later, Bongino and his team had to upgrade the server because the traffic to the site was even higher than they’d expected. …

“What is the appeal of the site? It’s a conservative news aggregator in the vein of Matt Drudge’s popular Drudge Report, but Bongino is quick to point out he and his team aren’t trying to copy Drudge in every way. His aggregator, for instance, will highlight almost exclusively right-leaning, conservative and libertarian outlets. It won’t ever link to pieces at the Washington Post or New York Times, he said, ‘unless it’s to make fun of them’.”

I’ve been using Rantingly, but I think I prefer Bongino’s lay-out.

2019_12 07 sad girl

TRANS: The selfishness of a parent’s choice to pander to his/her own neurotic desires is tremendously destructive to family members. This article is sad, but well worth reading.

The truth is that many children, regardless of their age, feel shame and embarrassment about their family situation. The pressure to accept or protect the “transitioning” parent can generate anger, fear, and anxiety as well as loneliness and feelings of abandonment. Sometimes the children’s prolonged and unresolved grief leads to depression, eating disorders, or substance abuse. A sense of being different or not belonging may cause difficulty with intimacy or trust in relationships. They often express confusion about God, religion, love, and sexuality. … [Perversely,] many transgenders place themselves in the position of the offended, misunderstood family member. They seek sympathy but may refuse to extend it to their family members.” – Denise Schick

2019_12 07 appeasement

APPEASEMENT: “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll ask for a glass of milk”After fending off the left-wing mob for over a half-decade, Chick-Fil-A finally caved. The LGBTQ bullies weren’t impressed.

They’re protesting the planned opening of a Chick-fil-A in Windsor, Ontario, and promise that if the restaurant opens, “We’re going to be there protesting. Their grand opening, job fairs, whatever they have, we’re going to be there.”

Matt Palumbo remarks, If there’s a rule book out there for dealing with social justice warriors, never apologizing must be the first rule.

2019_12 07 Bunny Christmas cookies

GRAMMY NOTES: Oooh, thumbprint cookies! My favorites!While Mama cleaned the kitchen and supervised, Bunny and Bootz made Christmas cookies. Afterward, they discovered Buzz had been busy trashing the rest of the house. Apparently, he thought that was way more fun than baking. Mama wasn’t happy.

2019_12 07 Gingerbread fail

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