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2020 tax graphic

DEBUNKING DEMOCRAT TALKING POINTS: Income inequality and the myth that the rich pay lower taxes than the rest of us are often cited by Democrats as justification for their schemes to increase federal taxes. They’re both bunkum.

  1. Income inequality – A new report by the National Bureau of Economic Research explains that “Worker effort has played an important role in the increase in income inequality in the United States between 1980 and 2016.” In short, people who can work at home on their computers have been working more than 40 hours/week and, big shock, making more money.
  2. The rich allegedly pay lower taxes – A paper by David Splinter of Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation states that U.S. federal taxes are progressive – i.e., average tax rates increase with income. In fact, the OECD estimated that the U.S. has the most progressive household taxes among developed countries. Statements to the contrary are based on a flawed study that Splinter debunks in his report, which is linked below.

2020 Pelosi climate

PELOSI:A month ago, the Trump Administration gave the U.N. its formal notice to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. But this week, House Speaker Pelosi took a delegation to the United Nation’s climateklatsch, proclaiming, “By coming here, we want to say to everyone: We’re still in. The United States is still in.”

Read the Constitution, Nancy. Only the president has the power to commit—or recommit—the U.S. to international agreements.

2020 warren hopeless

FAUXCAHONTAS: Dan Bongino played a clip of Elizabeth Warren telling a folksy “I’m not an elitist, really!” tale about how she was (allegedly) seven years old before she knew her name was Elizabeth, not Betsy.

Uhhhh … in order for this to be true, we would have to simultaneously believe at least two ridiculous things.

  1. Little Betsy was such an angelic child that, in seven years, her parents never once got ticked off enough to call her by her full first, middle, and last name.
  2. Not once during her first 2 years at Thousand Oaks Elementary School did anyone use her legal name, not even during roll call on the first day of school when the teacher doesn’t know you from Adam and reads everyone’s legal names, then asks what you prefer to be called.

2020 yang

YANG: To celebrate the opening of his Manchester office, Andrew Yang sprayed whipped cream into the mouths of kneeling supporters.

I have thoughts about this, but none of them are polite.


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  1. Yang and whipped cream…
    I have thoughts about this, but none of them are polite.

    The nervous handler guy is the best part of this.

    I’ll just link this graphic, vs embedding it, in deference to the Garden’s genteel clientele.

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  2. red

    Dems are NOT going to screw over their constituents, the millionaire’s club. Income kept outside the country and invested thru several nations that refuse to release info to the IRS cannot be taxed. Soros keeps pocket cash (for him) on hand. Buffet invests in low-yielding bonds so he only pays on what he’s forced to. For that matter, most 3rd world nations make it very easy to invest thru multiple corporations. Years ago, some people I worked for had all sorts of things under the table. Two were busted, eventually, but that would never had happened without family ratting on both of them. I got a free trip to Denver and a nice hotel over the weekend when they yanked me from home to be a witness to things I had no clue about. You know the treasury: Buy a quarter knife to skin a nickle flea. One went on to rat out dozens of small businesses, and the other paid a half a million in back taxes, filed for something-er-other and got out of paying the rest. The laws are set in their favor by the dems. hasta