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2019_12 04 1st to recognize Jesus

WHITE HOUSE: Christmas 2019 [:56] Melania Trump has exquisite taste.

2019_12 04 trump eo

TRUMP: A 2008 study found women in some tribal communities are 10 times more likely to be murdered than the average American.

The National Crime Information Center said there were 5,712 reports of missing American Indians and Alaska Native women and girls in 2016 but only 116 of the cases were logged in the federal missing persons database.

Trump has signed an executive order, called Operation Lady Justice, that establishes a task force to combat the issue.

This issue sat around for the entirety of the Obama administration with no Democrat taking action.

NUNES: Filing a defamation lawsuit against CNN [6:31].

2019_12 04 Media Barr Smollett

SPYGATE: More of those ever-reliable anonymous sources WaPo reported that the DOJ’s IG report … WHICH HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED … says the FBI did have enough intelligence to begin an investigation of the Trump campaign in July 2016, but that Attorney General William Barr is reportedly not persuaded that the FBI investigation was justified.

Dan Bongino explains that even if the DOJ’s IG report says the FBI was justified in beginning the investigation of Trump’s campaign, it doesn’t mean much because AG Barr’s investigation extends beyond the DOJ. IOW, he has more information.

REMEMBER: They said it wouldn’t affect usThey lied. Huckabee’s guest talks about a number of very recent examples of direct assaults on Christian values and institutions [6:55].

For a brief explanation of what the Left’s end game is, read “The Roots of Western Cultural Decay.”

If you want to know more about Brad Dacus and maybe start helping to support the Pacific Justice Institute, click here:

MYTH BUSTED: Crowder Recreates Epstein Cell in Real Life [14:39]It was not possible for Crowder, by himself, to get enough pressure on his neck to snap his hyoid bone.

2019_12 04 catholic

CATHOLIC: A priest in East Grand Rapids, MI, privately asked a lesbian judge in a same-sex civil marriage to not receive Communion. The judge went to the media to complain.

Thankfully, the Diocese of Grand Rapids responded in support of the priest: “No community of faith can sustain the public contradiction of its belief by its own members.”

CONVERSION: This is so beautiful [22:59]Roy Schoeman tells his conversion story. Raised Jewish, he accepted atheism while at university. At the age of 29, he became a Professor at Harvard Business School. Atheism dragged him into a pit of hopelessness until God personally intervened in a miraculous way.

2019_12 04 Advent

GRAMMY NOTES: This is the Nativity the Buzzer’s church put up on the First Sunday of Advent. When Christmas comes, pregnant Mary will be replaced with Mary and newborn Baby Jesus. I ❤ it! And check out the dancing angels!

2019_12 04 DOG I bite everything


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  1. I Bite Everything may be the best pet-shaming poster yet!

    I sent Son a link to the tired-baby poster from yesterday. Son wrote back, that’s just how their baby was the previous night – ready for a nap at 7:30am.

    I told him, all too soon you will miss these great days!

    And then I told him, when his kids get a little older, they’ll have new problems, like this Ace commenter: first time he took his son to the Lego store, son “got one large container filled with nothing but the little transparent single-dot round pieces.

    “Yes it spilled in the car.”

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      “it spilled in the car” ROFFFLLLL … six months after a grandkid visit, I was still finding those nasty little LEGO pieces, so I sorted through the collection and made a bucket of just blocks. All the bits they’re too young (or too autistic) to play with nicely are hidden away until a later date.

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  2. That last picture reminds me of my sister’s dog, Zooey. One day my sister recited a litany of all the things Zooey had destroyed, and I listened sympathetically* for a while, and then I suggested naïvely that there must be a way to get dogs to stop chewing everything in sight. This was in the pre-internet era, but I had heard experts on TV and radio giving advice on the subject, so it made sense to me** that it could be done. My sister replied, “Nothing works. She even chewed up our copy of No Bad Dogs.”

    *Okay, maybe not sympathetically.
    **Someone who has never owned a dog.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      “No Bad Dogs” LOLOLOL we still have chew marks on the furniture from long dead dogs. I’ve gotten kinda sentimental about them. All puppies chew, same as teething babies do. But after their teeth are in, it varies. Daisey has no interest in chewing. She likes to chase her favorite toys, squeak them a few times, then race back so we can play keep away until I get it from her and toss it again. But Dewey, he disdained keep away and fetch. He’d watch me play with Daisey with this superior look on his face. (He was a very sarcastic dog.) But he had a huge need to chew and lick. I had to find a safe brand of chew treat for him, because he only weighed 10 pounds but had the mouth of a bulldog. When he died, I gave a neighbor with a bullie mix puppy the rest of the box, cuz Daisey had no use for them.

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