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2019_12 03 bible reading

2019_12 03 Genius troll

TRUMP:If they would stop getting upset, he would stop doing it.” – Greg Gutfeld

2019_12 03 drudge bongino

THE BONGINO REPORT: Dan Bongino thinks the Drudge Report has gone Left, so he is launching the Bongino Report.

CONSERVATION: Activist Scott Presler on his team cleaning up 6 tons of trash in Chicago, 50 tons in Los Angeles. [1:50] He’s a bleeding heart conservative who believes in saving the planet through action, not legislation. His motto is: “Stop talking, start doing.”

2019_12 03 Climate Venice

NOT CONSERVATION: Nancy “Save the Planet” will fly out Sunday with a large delegation of congressional Democrats to attend the United Nation’s COP25 climate crap change conference in Madrid, Spain. That’s 3,781 miles across the Atlantic and 3,781 miles back.

The tax-funded Pelosi delegation will be joined by 25,000 other people, plus 1500 journalists, most of whom will be flying to the meeting.

A key point on the COP25 agenda will be imposing financial penalties on global commercial aviation to stop people making “unnecessary contributions to atmospheric carbon dioxide pollution” by flying places they don’t need to go.

ABORTION: It’s not equivalent to gun violence [3:03] Ben Shapiro explains.

2019_12 03 diversity

DIVERSITY: What a crock – A recent study examined the ratio of Democrat to Republican professors at fifty-one of the sixty-six top ranked liberal arts colleges (U.S. News 2017 report). Total sample: 8,688 tenure track, Ph.D.–holding professors.

Overall, the D:R ratio found was 10.4:1. But when the two military colleges, West Point and Annapolis, were excluded, the D:R ratio jumped to 12.7:1.

Nearly four in ten (39%) of the colleges had zero Republican professors. (What you wanna bet these colleges PRIDE themselves on the “diversity” of their non-white and non-cis faculty?)

Only one institution, Thomas Aquinas College in California, had zero Democrat professors.

2019_12 03 first thanksgiving

FIRST THANKSGIVING: In the early 17th century, Squanto, the Native American who famously taught the Pilgrims how to survive in their new environment, was kidnapped and put up for sale in Spain. Some Franciscan friars saved him from slavery, then evangelized and apparently baptized him.

He went to England, where he worked for a while as a ship builder, improving his English. Then, in 1619, he returned home only to find most of his tribe had died of a plague the year before. Just a year later, the Pilgrims arrived.

So, the Calvinists who were fleeing the oppressive Church of England were likely saved from starvation by a Native American who was probably a Catholic! Now THAT’S diversity!

2019_12 03 crochet

CROCHET: On dried leaves? Wow! – “I don’t coat or treat my leaves with anything to make them more rigid. To protect them all works are framed behind glass.” Click the link to see more of this amazing artist’s creations.

2019_12 02 snow c

GRAMMY NOTES: So yeah. It snowed here too.

2019_12 03 BABY exhausted

2019_12 03 Suds Up


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  1. Our granddaughter is about 8 months. My son & his wife should be able to relate to the baby posters.

    What kind of leaf is that crochet done with? Must be sturdy to start with. That’s some impressive work.

    Venice photos- illustrate just what I’ve been laughingly saying about the “flooding.” Thanks for those!

    BONGINO REPORT? Well, best wishes on that, Dan, but it’s not like Drudge is competition-free anymore. Several good sites. Honestly, blogs like PN Bits’n Bytes and A♠ Morning Reports pretty much cover things for me. I even gave up maintaining my own Drudge-like “blog heap o’links” page on my website.

    Drudge retired and sold out long ago, and it changed for the worse. I haven’t been there in several years; won’t even go there when someone says “check out the photo up top on Drudge.” No clix from me!

    Great thinks like a mind dept: Dianny at Patriot Retort and I both p’shop-tagged Joe Biden’s new bus – she used “All” and I used “Pure.” (It was a pretty obvious gag.)

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Frankly’s daughter came up with, “If you like your malarkey, you can keep your malarkey.” 🙂

      P.S., TY for the amazing compliment!

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