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IMPEACHMENT: The White House on Sunday informed the House Judiciary Committee it will not participate in Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry hearing but did not rule out taking part in future hearings.

The administration in a five-page letter to the committee ripped the process as “highly partisan” and accused the panel’s Democratic chairman of providing little information about Wednesday’s hearing.

We cannot fairly be expected to participate in a hearing while the witnesses are yet to be named and while it remains unclear whether the Judiciary Committee will afford the President a fair process through additional hearings,” White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.).

2019_11 30 Trump

TRUMP: Newsweek used one of the sweetest holidays in the calendar to take yet another swipe at President Trump“How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing and more.”

Wait, wut? When Obama vacationed or went golfing, we were all reminded of how stressful the presidency is and how laudable it was of Barack The First to take plenty of time off to recharge his batteries. I think it was Chris Matthews who called golf “the perfect presidential getaway.”

TDS aside, Real Donald was neither at home with his family nor out on the golf course for Thanksgiving. First, he snuck out of his Florida home at Mar-a-Lago and traveled to an undisclosed airport on Wednesday evening where he took a small, unmarked plane to Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland.

From there, he boarded Air Force One, which was hidden in a hangar instead of waiting on the tarmac. It flew him to Afghanistan where it landed on a pitch-black runway. From there, Trump and a small team went to our base in Bagram where he spoke with and served turkey to deployed Americans.

Owing to the extreme danger of the venue, only a tight circle of White House officials knew about the trip ahead of time.

When Donald Jr. tweeted a photo of the Newsweek headline next to a photograph of the president serving dinner to the troops, writing “fake news”, Donald Sr. tweeted back, “I thought Newsweek was out of business.”

UPDATE: This just in Newsweek has fired the reporter. It’s a nice gesture, but given how many proven liars still have careers, I thoroughly expect that after the heat dies down, Newsweek or some other liberal rag will hire her back.

BONGINO: Ep. 1122 [1:03:54] At the beginning, he talks about how dangerous Trump’s trip to Bagram was, then he goes into the frantic spinning the Slime Stream Media is doing in anticipation of the release of the IG report.

If this New York Times spin is the BEST they can do, Holy Moses are they in trouble!” – Dan Bongino

2019_12 02 waste

GOVERNMENT WASTE: The Inspector General for the Social Security Administration reports that, over the past ten years, the agency paid $1 billion in benefits to 22,426 individuals who did not have a Social Security Number (SSN).

2019_11 30 ice sting

ICE STING: Progressives were outraged to learn about a fake university that ICE set up to entrap foreign-born students, implying the program was new under the Trump administration. But, like the “kids in cages” lie, the ICE sting (lawyers called it “entrapment“) happened under the Obama administration.

I haven’t got the slightest clue what the point of the whole thing was and it’s not like they were finding dirt bag illegals with it. Most of the people detained were STEM Indians who were here on student visas and who have elected to return home. ::smh::

2019_11 30 thugs

THUGS: The only authorized biography of President Trump went on sale Nov 26. The author says he has received multiple anonymous death threats tied to the release of the book. Law enforcement believes they could be from left-wing activists.

2019_12 02 decay

CULTURAL DECAY: The school board governing the entire city of Austin, TX, unanimously approved new sexual education standards that detractors are calling a “dream scenario for pedophiles.”

It will teach kids that there are 50 genders, give instructions on how to apply condoms for sex acts, and offer tips on how to perform graphic sexual positions.

Read “The Roots of Western Cultural Decay” @ for a brief explanation of why the Left is pushing this filth on our children.

2019_11 30 trans regret

TRANS REGRET: Transgenderizing is medical malpractice – If this woman had been feeling compelled to cut off a healthy hand or foot, the prescription would have been, “Therapy and lots of it.

But because she hated her breasts, a surgeon lopped them off and then they loaded her up with male hormones.

It didn’t help.

She now believes her self-loathing was the result of having been sexually abused by her father when she was a teenager. My guess is that he was a “boob man” who started in on her as soon as she blossomed up top.

She is awaiting de-transitioning surgery and wishes medical professionals had helped, rather than mutilated her.

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  1. She is awaiting de-transitioning surgery and wishes medical professionals had helped, rather than mutilated her.

    A nation of Doctor Frankensteins, doing operations “because we can,” heedless of anything resembling right and wrong. So sickening.

    By the way, chrissy, your article “Stress,” back in August? The headline and fire alarm illustration triggered me so much I couldn’t read it. Kept the tab open and finally got around to reading it today. Good article. Thanks. If I meet anyone dealing with stress, I’ll recommend it.

    I just read that last poster (WIFI password) to Milady. I wasn’t sure it would work as well read aloud as read to oneself, but she LOL’d heartily. Thanks.

    And about the President’s Afghanistan Thanksgiving trip:

    This is now two major operations he’s managed to pull off without a leak. Al-bagged daddy and now turkey for the troops. I am impressed.

    From there, he boarded Air Force One, which was hidden in a hangar instead of waiting on the tarmac.

    Technical trivia: there’s more than one 747 outfitted for Presidential travels. But it’s not designated Air Force One until the President is on board (AF2 for the VP). I do like the hidden in a hanger bit, hadn’t read that elsewhere.

    Last, that “feeling you get” poster is one of the best captioned-pic memes ever because it’s not just some critter or baby or doofus depicted, with a caption that adds the meaning (can on invisible bicycle)… this one is real! And speaks for my feelings, too.

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    • SOME systems allow one to edit one’s comment for a few minutes after posting, or at least preview it before posting. Seems like a monster big gang like WordPress should allow us to do that.

      I just want to change the dot to a slash in the italics close-tag after tarmac. But no-oh. Whatever stupid I did just sits there in front of the world!

      I’ve done worse.



  2. chrissythehyphenated

    RE: Air Force One – My favorite part in the Harrison Ford movie of that name (one of my favorite movies) is when POTUS has just managed to get on board the rescue plane and we hear the pilot changing the plane’s call sign. ::sniff::

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