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2019_11 28 Thanksgiving

AMERICAN CATHOLICS: Good News! [2:02] – We have papal permission to enjoy turkey leftovers on the Friday after Thanksgiving. 🙂

2019_11 28 First immigrants

BORDER: Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, says the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” program has sent roughly 60,000 migrants back to Mexico to await court hearing dates.

This is not just for people seeking asylum. It is also for people who’ve crossed the border illegally and they’re essentially on what we call a ‘detained docket.’ It means they are not going to be released until their case is heard, and so they’re waiting in Mexico as well,” he said.

It’s been phenomenally successful, phenomenally helpful, and really we need Mexico to maintain it and expand it,” Cuccinelli continued.

BONGINO: [1:04:25]Dan predicts Democrat Hoax #4 will be, “Trump colluded with the Turks.” Show notes at link.

2019_11 28 TDS Losing Their Minds

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Fake News CNN’s anti-Trump coverage got even more embarrassing this week when host Brian Stelter interviewed an author who claims that Trump supporters are part of a “destructive cult.”

Steven Hassan, author of The Cult of Trump, considers President Trump to be the leader of a destructive cult, “where people are being fed propaganda and they’re not being encouraged to think for themselves. They’re not being encouraged to really explore and look at the details and arrive at their own conclusions.”

He highlights “emotionally driven, loaded words, thought-stopping and thought-terminating type cliches like ‘fake news’ or ‘build the wall’ or ‘Make America Great Again.’”

Funny how all that sounds like DEMOCRATS.

2019_11 28 lgbtq thug

LGBTQ: The American Medical Association is calling for a federal ban on reparative or conversion therapy for sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Massachusetts Catholic Conference recently opposed a similar ban in their state noting that it would prevent those with unwanted same sex attraction or gender identity from getting professional help.

CHAD PRATHER: [4:29] Unless you have a bib and a Heimlich buddy, please, Please, PLEASE do NOT attempt to watch this video while drinking or eating anything! LOL

2019_11 27 grammy

DO NOT MESS WITH THIS GRAMMY: A man broke into the Rochester, New York, home of an 82-year-old grandmother.

It didn’t end well — for him.

THIS grandmother is an award-winning bodybuilder who works out at her local YMCA almost every day and can dead lift 225 pounds. She told reporters, baring her muscular arms. “He picked the wrong house to break into.”

I took that table and I went to working on him,” she said. “And guess what? The table broke.”

Unfazed, she then used the metal legs of the table to keep hitting him.

After jumping on him a couple times, she ran to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of baby shampoo and squirted it on the man’s face as he tried to get up.

Then, she got a broom and whacked him until the police arrived.

I think he was happy when he went in the ambulance because I sent him in the ambulance. Yes, I did.”

2019_11 28 happy tgiving

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