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2019_11 23 count blessings

RELATIONSHIPS: The 75-year Harvard Study of Adult Development “discovered” something God told us thousands of years ago. That is, that the quality of one’s life  is directly proportional to the quality of one’s relationships.

IMPEACHMENT: Dems say they have enough evidence to move forward on impeachment and will likely call a vote by mid-December.

If the House votes in favor of impeachment, President Trump has agreed not to pressure Senate Republicans for an immediate dismissal of charges. In fact, White House counsel Pat Cipollone indicated that Trump concluded he has more to gain politically from a detailed defense at trial than no trial at all.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Whacky Moments [4:53].

UKRAINE: [4:16] An interview with a reporter who has been investigating Ukraine’s corruption investigations.

2019_11 23 FISA

SPYGATE: An FBI official is under criminal investigation for altering a document that was central to the FBI’s effort to get FISA warrants on Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aide.

FINAL POINT: Stories the Slime Stream Media ignored [3:16].

2019_11 23 trump

JUSTICE: California’s state Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that President Donald Trump will not have to release his tax returns in order to get on the presidential ballot in California.

WE BUILD THE WALL: [1:38]The crowdfunded section of the border wall built entirely by private contractors has the enthusiastic endorsement of the CBP chief.

IRAN: The Iranian regime is using sharpshooters on roof tops and in helicopters to target unarmed anti-regime protesters. The death toll may be as high as 200.

The protests, which began last Friday after the Islamic regime announced a threefold increase in fuel prices and imposed strict rationing on gasoline, have now erupted in over 20 cities, including Iran’s capital Tehran.

The regime has blocked people’s access to the internet since Saturday, enforcing an information blackout on the country’s 80 million people.

CHARLIE’S ANGELS: Reboot failure [2:53] The $48 million film grossed only $8.6 million on its opening week-end. Writer, producer, director, and star Elizabeth Banks blamed it on sexism. Yeah. No.

In 2000, the Charlie’s Angels movie with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu made $40 million in its opening weekend. And the sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle made $37 million in its opening weekend in 2003.

Female movie critics dumped on Banks’ efforts with phrases like “a checklist of topics from the feminist discourse of the past few years”, “a girl-power makeover so desultory that you could fill out a bingo card with it”, and “a shaggy, listless action movie that’s too messy to be fun: It spends so much time advertising how glitzy and sparkly it thinks it is that it comes to resemble a migraine aura.”

2019_12 23 For King & Country

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama and Bunny got to see For King & Country in concert. Mama says, “What a great concert! And I just love being part of a stadium full of people singing and praising God.”

2019_11 23 Dilbert Unix

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