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My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 impeachment

IMPEACHMENT: Vanity Fair poll has baaaaad news for DemocratsThe headline reads: “Polling Suggests Democrats’ Impeachment Push Could Alienate Key Voters.”

By a  yuge margin of 62 to 22 percent, the all-important Independent voters who will decide the 2020 election, especially in key states, say that impeachment is “more important to politicians than it is to me.”

By another yuge margin, 61 to 23 percent, Independents say impeachment is “more important to the media than it is to me.”

Vanity Fair concludes that these numbers can only mean “Impeachment proceedings are viewed as bread and circuses for the anti-Trump crowd in Washington and the media.”

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Bits & Bytes

2019_11 23 count blessings

RELATIONSHIPS: The 75-year Harvard Study of Adult Development “discovered” something God told us thousands of years ago. That is, that the quality of one’s life  is directly proportional to the quality of one’s relationships.

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