Ukraine Scandal Timeline

The media keeps telling us the BIDEN (not Trump) Ukraine scandal is just a big ol’ hoax of a conspiracy theory. Yeah, no. It’s all been substantiated. Below is a partial timeline of key events. Click link at end to see John Solomon’s full and much more detailed timeline, with links to corroborating evidence. I simplified it a lot and colored the Biden parts to make it easy for you to get the main point. The full time line includes a lot more, including about George Soros’ involvement in Ukraine’s affairs.

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February 2014: Vice President Joe Biden named by President Obama to be U.S. point man on Ukrainian crisis.

April 2014: 13th – Devon Archer (business partner of VP Biden’s son Hunter and SecState Kerry’s son Christopher Heinz) is named an independent director of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.

15th – On the same day that Burisma Holdings pays the Archer/Biden/Heinz firm, Rosemont Seneca Bohai, more than $100,000, Devon Archer goes to the White House to meet with VP Biden.

22nd and 24th – VP Biden meets with Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and western-friendly presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko who would become the next president of Ukraine.

May 2014: 13th – Hunter Biden becomes a board member for Burisma Holdings. Two days later, Burisma pays Rosemont Seneca Bohai $166,666.66. Similar payments are made every month after that, for more than a year.

July 2014: 5th – Burisma pays $250,000 retainer to the law firm, Boies Schiller, where Hunter Biden also works.

Aug. 2014: 20th – Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin’s office opens criminal investigation into Burisma Holdings.

Sept. 2014: 26th – Burisma pays law firm, Boies Schiller, another $33,039.77.

Feb. 2016: 2nd – Ukraine general prosecutor’s office under the direction of Viktor Shokin seizes Burisma founder’s assets.

24th and following – An American representative for Burisma seeks to meet with Kerry’s Undersecretary of State to discuss ending the investigation into Burisma. Hunter Biden’s name is specifically invoked as a reason the State Department should help.

March 2016: 2nd – Devon Archer meets with Secretary of State John Kerry.

15th – Kerry’s Assistant Secretary demands Ukraine replace Shokin.

22nd– VP Biden phones President Poroshenko about U.S. loan guarantees. It is believed this is when Biden threatens to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if President Poroshenko doesn’t fire Prosecutor General Shokin. Without the loan guarantee, Ukraine will be forced into debt default. (See Jan 2018.)

29th – At the urging of President Poroshenko, Ukraine’s parliament fires Prosecutor General Shokin.

31st – VP Biden arrives in Ukraine and announces $1 Billion in loan guarantees. He also delivers $239 million more in promised aid.

Jan. 2018: 25th – Former VP Biden boasts at Council of Foreign Relations events in Washington that he strong-armed Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko into firing Prosecutor General Shokin, using $1 Billion loan guarantees as leverage.

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