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IMPEACHMENT: Bet CNN isn’t playing this bitRep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) spoke at length about a witness deposed in secret over the weekend, a witness who actually knows what happened with the foreign aid to Ukraine because that was this person’s job. Nunes points out that Schiff doesn’t want anyone to know what that person said.

NUNES: Wouldn’t it be easier if you just knew exactly why the foreign aid wasn’t given?

SONDLAND: It would have been easier to testify if I had a totality of the record.

NUNES: And would you trust the person who’s in charge of cutting the checks for foreign aid, a top career diplomat, or the top career official?

SONDLAND: I’d have no reason not to.

2019_11 22 coup klutz clan

IMPEACHMENT: ‘The Pistol-toting Gang That Just Can’t Shoot Straight’They are trying to impeach him on glorified gossip.” – Rep. Devin Nunes

After all the histrionics of Adam Schiff televised LIVE at the Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ with one bureaucrat after another having to admit they have no evidence of wrong doing by President Donald Trump, HERE is where they stand:

Trump approval has gone up while his disapprovals have gone down.

The latest 2020 Wisconsin poll has Trump leading EVERY major Democrat contender.

Trump’s re-election campaign has a record amount of cash on hand, as much as Romney had in Oct 2016.

The DNC has $8.7 Million cash on hand and $7 Million in debt.

2019_11 22 vindman

IMPEACHMENT: The Left has told us we cannot question Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman’s testimony or motives, because He Served In Uniform … even though they didn’t give a crap about General Michael Flynn’s sterling service record.

Vindman claimed in his opening statement to be the “principal advisor to the National Security Advisor and the president on Ukraine and the other countries in my portfolio.”

But when asked, he admitted that he has never met or spoken with President Trump or given him advice on Ukraine.

And while he did travel with a delegation to attend the inauguration of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, he was not asked to participate in meetings with U.S. officials in Ukraine.

2019_11 22 impeaching who

IMPEACHMENT: Babylon Bee A new poll released Wednesday revealed that the majority of the nation want impeachment hearings to continue as long as possible so that Congress will be too busy to meddle with our lives.

Unfortunately, Impeachment Inquiry, which had promised to eclipse all the other shows in its time slot, failed to deliver and will be canceled after one season due to a lack of viewers, like a lot of bad TV shows and also Firefly.

2019_11 22 legacy

LEGACY: “Oops, there goes another ‘bama tree plant. Ker-Plop.”Obama said Israeli settlements in the West Bank are a violation of international law. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that the Trump administration is reversing this policy.

Lindsey Graham wants Donald Trump to reopen the government

GRAHAM: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, (R-SC) is sending a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting the transcripts of three phone calls Joe Biden made with then the then-Ukrainian president during the time frame in which Biden has bragged he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold U.S. aid.

2019_11 22 Felony

FELONIOUS DEMOCRAT: Yeah, another oneFormer Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh pleaded guilty to conspiracy and tax evasion charges in federal court Thursday. This looks to me like a plea deal to avoid a trial on the full 11 counts the feds had on her. She’ll likely do about 5 years on the lesser charges. Her sentencing has been scheduled for Feb. 27.

FIRST AMENDMENT: [5:01]A quick and easy-to-understand primer on what limits the government is allowed to place on speech. Worth watching!

SELF-DEFENSE: [7:38]Coloradans and Brits at Agincourt. Interesting piece.

2019_11 22 binghamton

BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY: I took classes in that room The administration apparently did nothing and learned nothing when rowdy, table turning crowd of thugs were video’d terrorizing College Republicans trying to advertise an upcoming presentation by economist Arthur Laffer.

The presentation itself was so disrupted by bad actors that it was shut down. Two individuals were arrested Monday evening and the vice president for Student Affairs says the university is investigating.

The University reserves the right to pursue appropriate charges or disciplinary action against those organizations and individuals as relevant information is confirmed.”

That should have been done BEFORE the event!


GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny made the Honor Roll for her outstanding academic achievement. !!!!

Also, I think a grateful child must be one of life’s greatest blessings. (I bet God thinks the same about me.) Text from Mama Buzz: “I so appreciate the upbringing we had (especially faith based!) With a blend of holistic and conventional approaches to medicine and healthcare! So many people are all one way or the other and I really believe that there are benefits to so many types that it’s so worth it to find a blend that works for the individual.”

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