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2019_11 20 six little stories

TUCKER: Review of Tuesday’s impeachment hearing [12:52]This is well worth watching.

DAN BONGINO: Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019 Ep 1114, Highlights from “Democrats’ Impeachment Fiasco Implodes [1:01:31] –

  1. Beginning at 3:00, part of Rep Nunes’ opening statement. Definitely worth watching!
  2. Beginning at 5:00, Democrats have a Colonel Vindman problem. Dan rants at length about the Democrats’ insistence that nobody is allowed to question Vindman’s testimony, because he has served in the military. Yeah, and what about Michael Flynn?
  3. Beginning at 18:00, Vindman says in one place that the president sets foreign policy, then in another place claims his concerns about the Ukraine phone call centered on his judgment that Trump was somehow violating “consensus foreign policy”, something that only exists in the minds of self-important swamp dwellers.
  4. Beginning at 27:00, a new poll by left-leaning Politico shows how devastating the public hearings have been.
  5. Beginning at 30:00, Nancy Pelosi says it’s “weak” and “dangerous” to let the 2020 election decide. (Link below.)
  6. Beginning at 34:00, the Left is going after John Solomon, showing how much of a threat he is to them for exposing that Spygate and Ukrainegate are the same scandal. (Link below.)
  7. Beginning at 40:00, Dan’s guide to arguing with liberals.
  8. Beginning at 43:00, the three true stories that impeachment is designed to deflect from.
  9. Beginning at 45:00, the media’s Trump Standard vs. its Biden standard. (Link below.)
  10. Beginning at 50:00, Chick-fil-A caved. (Link below.)
  11. Beginning at 56:00, Eric Swalwell farted loudly during a live interview. Fart humor ensues. I also saw Piers Morgan cover this. “A Democratic Congressman’s appearance on a US breakfast show yesterday has caused a bit of a stink across the pond.” ::snork::

2019_11 20 called to testify

IMPEACHMENT: From American Thinker – They are trying to impeach Trump for what Obama/Biden actually did. It’s imploding and the denouement will be delicious. The Schiff Show has shown us that the swamp is much, much muddier and more corrupt than any of us knew.

The fact that President Trump has withstood their three-plus-year calculated attacks on him, his family, his friends, and his presidency is a testament to his phenomenal strength of character. We need to sweep him into a second term with a landslide vote. As they say, “If it isn’t close, they can’t cheat.”

CHICK-FIL-A: Caving to the rage mob [2:57]Nothing is ever good enough.

EPSTEIN: Fox News report with Tucker [5:09] Two correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein the night he killed himself were charged Tuesday with falsifying prison records to cover up having not checked on Epstein for nearly eight hours.

2019_11 20 omar anti-semitic branco

ANTI-SEMITISM: From PJ MediaAnti-Semitic attacks have sharply increased in the U.S., and virtually the entire political and media establishment has agreed that this is attributable to the rise of “white supremacists” and the “far-right.”

One problem with this claim is that actual white supremacists are a minuscule band of losers; another is that the same political and media establishment attaches the label “far-right” to virtually everyone who dissents from the Leftist agenda.

And a third difficulty with the mainstream view is that it ignores the increasing hostility toward Israel and Jews in general on the Left, and the deeply ingrained anti-Semitism of one of the Left’s protected groups, Muslims like Rep. Ilhan Omar.

2019_11 20 possessed

DEMON POSSESSION: This article is worth reading – Frenchman Michel Chiron gives a chilling account of his possession by demons in the newly published book J’étais Possédé.

Excerpt: “Did [the demons] ever talk about Jesus?

“Yes, they did. They told me he did exist in the past but that he should be forgotten, as nowadays human beings no longer needed him. They even said that he was with their king now. They also attacked Jesus by putting him in the same basket as Buddha or Allah, etc., saying they were only parts of history, irrevocably behind us. But they spoke often about the Virgin Mary, naming her The Woman, but it is only later that I understood who they were referring to. They were very scared of her. …

“I thought that if God existed, then the entities within me necessarily belonged to the devil. This is how I understood I had to see an exorcist. And I started to pray. It was so difficult at the beginning, as I wasn’t used to it; even in my childhood, when I received a Catholic education, we weren’t really taught how to pray. But I quickly found prayers and realized it was not so difficult. In fact, I couldn’t stop praying. It was like running water. I had a kind of effusion of the spirit, thanks to the Holy Spirit. It showed the demons the power of God, his mercy! So, it silenced them. It was such a relief, such a revelation. The day after, I called the exorcist of my diocese.”

2019_11 20 Hillary diplomats

CLINTON FOUNDATION: Turns out you don’t get the quid when you don’t have the quoWhile Hillary was Obama’s Secretary of State and then the Democrat’s Back to the White House gal, the organization took in $130.4 million annually on average.

In 2018, it took in $30.7 million.

EPOCH TIMES: Communists HATE it [1:55]Four masked intruders dressed in black set fire to the printing press of the Hong Kong edition of The Epoch Times in the early hours of Nov. 19, marking the fourth attack on the facility since its opening more than a decade ago. The attack is believed to be the latest instance of efforts by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to silence The Epoch Times.

2019_11 20 lower freedom

ACLU: They need to change that A to a P The American Civil Liberties Union recently awarded Christine Blasey Ford with its Rodger Baldwin Courage Award for false accusing then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of having sexual assaulted her when they were teens.

In accepting the award, Ford said, “I was simply doing my duty as a citizen, providing information to the Senate that I believed would be relevant to the Supreme Court nomination process.”

She also said she was inspired by Anita Hill, the woman who similarly hurled false accusations at Clarence Thomas in 1991 to try and deep six his Supreme Court nomination.

2019_11 20 trans regret

TRANS REGRET: From a recent post at a detransitioning forumThere is no socially well-adjusted individual who grew up in a positive environment with loving parents who is a transgender.

There is no such thing as “I lived a totally normal childhood and I’m a totally normal person, but I grew up to think that it’s a good idea to try and change my gender by seeking out a surgeon who will give me a gaping wound in a laughable attempt to replicate a vagina.”

From Walt Heyer: Specifics may vary, but I’ve found that everyone who regrets can point to something that happened that caused them to not want to be who they are and attempt to become someone else.

From Sydney Wright: This is a public health crisis that our media and politicians are completely ignoring. More young people are being deceived every day, being told that the solution to their insecurity and identity problems is to get a sex change. … I hope my story can serve as a warning bell and save some other young teenager the misery and grief I’ve been through.

2019_11 20 Gnomes of the Gnorth

GRAMMY NOTES: From the world of whacky crochet come these GIANT crocheted gnomes. They’re more than 3 feet tall!

2019_11 19 CAT nope

2019_11 20 cat lady starter kit

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