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2019_11 16 On Christ's terms

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Four exorcists have issued a joint statement asking Catholics worldwide to dedicate Dec. 6 as a day of fasting, prayer and reparation, “for the purpose of driving out any diabolic influence within the Church that has been gained as a result of recent events.” Click to see their full statement.

2019_11 16 Impeachment cheat sheet

IMPEACHMENT: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said on Thursday that United States Ambassador Gordon Sondland did not link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

But sure, let’s keep on hearing from “witnesses” who only know stuff they heard from a guy they heard from a guy who heard it from another guy.

IMPEACHMENT: America is bored with the Schift ShowThe first day of impeachment hearings only brought in 13.1 million viewers.

This low number is even more pathetic when you consider that Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN and PBS all carried it!

2019_11 16 rodents with cannon

IMPEACHMENT: From the second day of public hearingsStefanik is Rep. Elaine Stefanik (R-NY).

Stefanik: The point of order is, will the chairman continue to prohibit witnesses from answering Republican questions as you’ve done in closed hearings and as you did this week —

Schiff: [Bangs gavel] The gentlewoman will suspend.

Stefanik: When you interrupted our  —

Schiff: That is not a proper point of order. The gentlewoman will suspend.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): Mr. Speaker — Mr. Chairman, I have a point of order.

Schiff: The gentleman is not recognized.

Jordan: Chairman, I have a point of order.

Schiff: The gentleman is not recognized.

Jordan: I have a point of order, though.

Schiff: The gentleman is not recognized. I do want to respond, I allowed the —

Jordan: [Emphatically] A point of order.

Schiff: The gentleman is not recognized.

Jordan: About — there are four transcripts that have not been released —

Schiff: [Bangs gavel] The gentleman is not recognized.

Jordan: Holy cow.

A moment later, Stefanik tried again:

Stefanik: Mr. Chairman, I have a point of order. Mr. Chairman, I have a point of order.

Schiff: The gentlewoman is not recognized.

Stefanik: [Exasperated] So we know, clearly, you are going to interrupt us throughout this hearing.

Schiff: The gentlewoman — [Bangs gavel] — The gentlewoman is not recognized.

Schiff would not recognize further Republican procedural questions, and introduced former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the featured witness of the day.

WHACKY MOLE: Media Research Center [4:46]Meet the latest Slime Stream Media’s religion. Their witnesses are “paragons” of virtue, President Trump’s guilt “is not debatable”, and questioning the basis for this impeachment is “blasphemous.”

2019_11 16 NYPost

NEW YORK POST: Clearly not swimming with the Slime“What a farce. Democrats are desperate to get the public behind them. Yet no matter how many auditions they hold, it’s no substitute for hard evidence.” Read the rest at the link.

2019_11 16 Kavanaugh

KAVANAUGH: Justice Brett Kavanaugh received heroic accolades at a glittering Federalist Society dinner in Washington’s Union Station Thursday, where he delivered his first public remarks since his contentious confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Last year a lot of my friends put themselves on the line for me. People risked their jobs and livelihoods. Some of them lost business. They were yelled at, insulted threatened. … I’m on a lifetime mission to thank all my friends,” he said, noting many of them were present at Thursday’s gala.

2019_11 16 Elf name

IDENTITY THEFT: Police warn not to take Facebook quizzes that ask for personal information that is used by secure websites to protect your identity.  E.g., who was your first grade teacher or your childhood best friend, what was your first car or the place you were born, etc.

One such game – “What’s Your Elf Name?” – crops up every holiday season.

2019_11 16 Southpark

DIVERSITY: South Park’s makers may be a vulgar crew, but they’re also very brave. While others twist themselves into ridiculous knots appeasing trans bullies, South Park made this week’s episode into a giant, “Screw you” message for them. A character who closely resembled late wrestling icon Randy Savage decides two weeks before the female competition that he is a she. “She” tells a newscaster, “I’m not here to talk about my transition. I’m here to kick some f***ing a**.” Naturally, “she” won everything.

And the University of South Alabama is refusing to punish a Christian company that declined to print a student magazine because it featured drag queens and transgenders. In response to pressure to boycott the company, the university said we “respect the rights of individuals and private businesses to make decisions that are consistent with their values.” Another printer has taken the job.

2019_11 16 Luke & Laura

GRAMMY NOTES: I am “I watched it in the hospital the day after Mama Buzz was born” years old. 🙂

2019_11 16 cat world

2019_11 16 dog stairs

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