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COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS 2019: Music video of Dolly Parton with for King & Country performing a medley “God Only Know” / “There Was Jesus” / “Faith” [6:21] – Mama and Bunny are seeing King & Country live next week. They’re so excited!

IMPEACHMENT: Tipping point [2:45]“We didn’t win the election” is not a reason to impeach the president.

IMPEACHMENT: Buyer’s remorse [8:56]They didn’t give us the promised “bombshell”, inspiring Terrell to create this excellent graphic.

2019_11 15 Impeachment death

2019_11 16 kangaroo court

ABORTION: The Daleiden jury has awarded Planned Parenthood $2 million in “damages.” Apparently, nobody in Californication gives a crap that Daleiden’s undercover journalists showed PP breaking the law! Daleiden’s team is already drafting the appeal.

The judge has known ties to Planned Parenthood, but refused to recuse himself. He wouldn’t allow the defense to use the First Amendment in their closing argument, plus he instructed the jury that their only duty was to award damages!

1981 Nov 15 L 5hrsold 7#7oz 19½inlong

GRAMMY NOTES: Shout out to Mama Buzz who is celebrating her 38th birthday todayBootz asks, “Mommy, what are the cookies doing today?” Mama replies, “Sitting in a container.” Bootz opines, “Oh.  I’m sooo hungry!” Mama reminds him he hasn’t had breakfast yet and offers him some fruit. Bootz, with super cute smile, “I want a cookie!” ::snork::


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