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IMPEACHMENT: The Schift Show [1:12] – The New York Post said, “In their first day of public impeachment hearings, Democrats made clear just how weak their case is.” Not only were there no major revelations, but also the Democrats’ key witnesses were a joke. NONE of them had first hand information. NONE of them had ever interacted with the president.

IMPEACHMENT: Same ol’, same ol’ [2:35]The only quid pro quo was Joe Biden threatening to withhold a billion dollars to force the Ukrainians to fire a top official who was investigating Hunter Biden.

2019_11 14 impeachment overreach

IMPEACHMENT: One of the people who testified was George Kent, a diplomat in the State Department. He said that America has always placed conditions on all loans to Ukraine, including anti-corruption reforms.

The International Monetary Fund does the same thing.” He also noted that in February 2015, he raised conflict of interest concerns to then-Vice President Joe Biden when Hunter, his son, had was named to a position on the board of the natural gas firm. The elder Biden was acting as the chief diplomat to Ukraine at the time.

Democrats do NOT want Hunter Biden to talk. Right now, they have control over witnesses, but they won’t if impeachment ever gets to the GOP-majority Senate. And whoopsie, leading Republican senators are asking the State Department to turn over all the information they have about Hunter Biden and his business associates ties to foreign companies while former Vice President Joe Biden was in office.

2019_11 14 Shifty Schiff by Terrell

IMPEACHMENT: Saw this excellent point on Facebook – “Adam Shifty says he himself doesn’t know the name of the ‘whistleblower’.” He also said if any Republican says the name during The Inquisition, he will penalize them for telling people who it is. How does that work? How can he recognize what he insists he doesn’t know?”

2019_11 14 terror

TERRORISM: The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the murder of Armenian Catholic priest Father Hovsep Bidoyan, who was gunned down today, Monday, November 11, 2019, on his way to church in eastern Syria.

CLIMATE: For the Left, politics and religion are very nearly synonymous [:49] Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono tells activists they need to “believe in climate change as though it’s a religion, not a science.” Hirono co-sponsored Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal resolution.

TOLERANCE: Jackson Kernion, a UC Berkeley graduate student and instructor, has reportedly taught at least 11 philosophy courses at the California university. I’m wondering if he subsists entirely on the produce he grows on his apartment’s terrace.

TISSUE ALERT: [5:29] John Cena is a wrestler and actor who loves to surprise and love on his fans. This time, the fans turned the tables on him … and brought the Big, Bad Wrestler to tears.

2019_11 14 anniv

MILESTONE: Buddy and Gertie Thomas wed on Nov. 11, 1939. She was 14, and he was 18. Eighty years later, they have three children, nine grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. Gertie is now 94 and Buddy is 98. They wake up each day grateful for a lifetime of memories together and for the chance to make new ones, side by side. If they have a secret to marriage, it’s this:Loving the Lord and loving one another.”

LOL!! NEVER MIND! This was available when I posted it, but now it’s gone. Click on the Facebook link and scroll through the photo diary posted by a very witty medical student who was trapped in a stuck elevator for an hour. FUNNY!!

2019_11 14 Zombies and Costco


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  1. Democrat hearing farce: Alas, it doesn’t matter whether or not they can produce on iota of anything that could be considered evidence of an impeachable offense – the point nowadays is just to get the charges in the headlines and keep them there. Many an ill-informed American thinks Trump has already been impeached and will be removed from office momentarily!

    Ignorance is Schiff – I saw someone put it this way:

    Schiff: You can’t name the whistleblower (whose name I totally don’t know).

    GOP: Okay, we’d like to call Eric Ciamarella.

    Schiff: You can’t say that name.

    GOP: So, you’re saying, Eric Ciamarella is the whistleblower?

    Hirono tells activists they need to “believe in climate change as though it’s a religion, not a science.”

    This really is a remarkable age, where the masks are just dropping completely and even the evil can’t help blurting out the truth, however unintentionally.

    …She was 14, and he was 18. Eighty years later…

    I wonder how her folks felt about that; could they have imagined such a long and happy marriage for their baby girl? Texas 1939 was a different world. How blessed they were to find each other so young and have such a grand family.

    Trapped in elevator – scroll through the photo diary, y’say? All I could get was the picture you posted, and a bunch of comments about how funny was whatever it is I’m not seeing. Do not have a FB account.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Try FB again and let me know. The post is marked Global, so it shouldn’t matter that you don’t have an account. Click on the photo. This should open a new page with the photo on the left with white arrows on either side and a column of comments on the right. You can then scroll through the photos with the arrows.