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MANSIONS OF THE LORD: LyricsTo fallen soldiers let us sing. Where no rockets fly nor bullets wing, our broken brothers let us bring to the Mansions of the Lord. No more weeping, no more fight, no friends bleeding through the night. Just Divine embrace, Eternal light, in the Mansions of the Lord. Where no mothers cry and no children weep, we will stand and guard though the angels sleep. Oh, through the ages safely keep the Mansions of the Lord.

VETERAN’S DAY: Excellent story about the greatest horse veteran in American history [3:27] – Veterans Day (originally known as Armistice Day) is a federal holiday in the United States observed annually on November 11, for honoring military veterans.

FINAL POINT: Stories the MSM didn’t report on last week [3:22].

WHACKY MOLE: Liberal media moments from last week [5:36]UPDATE: The woman that CBS fired because she allegedly leaked the hot mic video while she was working at ABC says she didn’t do it.

IMPEACHMENT: [16:09]This is an excellent compilation of news clips. Totally worth your time.

IMPEACHMENT: Jake Tapper and Jim Jordan [13:20] I watched a little more than half of this and then had to stop. I thought Jake Tapper was at least a little bit of a journalist, but his bs during this interview cured me of that.

E.g., he says “inaccurate” about Joe Biden having abused his office; we all saw the video where he bragged about having done something worse than what Trump has been accused of. Biden is running for president; if he has a history of abusing his office, we should know about it. But the Slime Stream Media that Tapper clearly swims with Does Not Care.


ILLEGALS: August’s immigration raids at multiple poultry plants in Missippi rounded up 680 illegals. Four hundred of them were “documented” … with I.D.s that had been stolen from U.S. citizens.

TWITTER: Colluding with a foreign power [6:25]Two employees have been charged with selling personal information about Twitter users critical of the Saudi government.

Also, I got this in my email from my Rep Tom Reed – “Dear Neighbor, I wanted to highlight a huge win we had alongside my friends Reps. Josh Gottheimer, Max Rose and Brian Fitzpatrick. We sent a letter to all social media companies weeks ago asking them to take down terror content. All social media companies responded that they agreed terror content had no place on their platforms and listed the steps they are taking to proactively remove this content. — EXCEPT TWITTER. Therefore, we led the charge of public outrage against Twitter. … This past Friday night, Twitter complied with our demands and began suspending accounts.

2019_11 11 porn

CHILD PORN: Two Disney employees were among the perverts rounded up in a recent internet sting operation. One was a custodian. The other was a “guest experience manager” who had been with Disney World for 15 years, despite having been arrested twice before!

Investigators who work these cases go through mandatory counseling afterwards, because of the awful things they have to see.

2019_11 09 Panda enclosure

GRAMMY NOTES: I was one of 6; our mom used to introduce us by our birth order number. I was, “This is #5 kid.”On Saturday, my eldest and her three did the National Zoo with #4 kid’s eldest and her three along with #6’s #4 kid (unmarried, no kids). Let’s see, that makes 3 first cousins, 6 second cousins and 10 (?) first cousins once removed.

When the Buzzers got home, Bootz showed his stuffed panda some pics of the zoo panda and said, “Look, you’re the same person!

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