Killing Babies

INFANTICIDE: [45:02] – House Democrats have refused 75 times (so far) to even discuss a law to protect babies who are born alive during an abortion. They claim infanticide is already illegal, so it never happens. Yeah, no. There are abundant firsthand accounts of nurses who say they have personally witnessed infants being deliberately left to die by hospital staff for no other reason than the fact that their mothers didn’t want them.

Killing babies

At the Daleiden trial, an abortionist who has done more than 50,000 abortions testified that baby hearts must be harvested while they are still beating or they are useless to the people who want to buy them. Hearts are worth big bucks, so these babies are being born alive on purpose, so they can have their beating hearts cut out of their little chests. The mainstream media is totally ignoring the Daleiden trial, because it shows the big lies that Democrats and Planned Parenthood tell all the time.

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  1. Maureen

    It is appalling that something like this is happening in a free country as ours.

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