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WHISTLEBLOWER: [5:50] Whistleblowers deserve protection against retaliation, not anonymity.

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IMPEACHMENT: Bill Taylor, Marie Yovanovitch, and George Kent Public hearings are finally about to begin in Adam Schiff’s “impeachment inquiry” and he’s called these people as his first three witnesses.

  1. NONE of them had any direct line to Donald Trump.
  2. NONE of them received any order from the President to do anything.
  3. NONE of their previous testimony pointed to them even having even secondary knowledge of an improper quid pro quo involving Joe Biden.

CONSERVATIVES ARE HAPPIER: In fact, Conservative Republicans are the happiest and the most generous of all, regardless of income level [3:01] Maybe it’s because we are more committed to marriage, family, and God.

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LEFTIST LOON: Tell me one single right you’ve had stripped away, you pampered dingbat!

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ABORTION: You know how the Left used to say all sanctimoniously, “Safe, legal, and rare”?The way they fight every single law aimed at protecting the safety of women seeking abortions while encouraging women to be loud and proud about having shamelessly killed their own children, I think their mantra these days should be “Legal and lots!”

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ABORTION: An activist federal judge who was appointed by Obama has struck down a Trump administration rule that protected healthcare workers from being forced to perform abortions and other medical services that they objected to on moral or religious grounds.

MRCTV: Out in Left Field [5:01]It’s a HAT, folks.” Funny rant here.

ENNEAGRAM: It’s growing more popular, but Christians should beware [10:01] The Enneagram is a diagram depicting numbers one through nine, with lines connecting each number to two other numbers. It’s purported to be a psychological and spiritual personality assessment tool, but its validity and roots should be of concern to devout followers of Jesus Christ.

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If the enneagram could accomplish as much as its proponents claim, therapists would be using it and there would be plenty of research to validate its effectiveness. The fact is, they don’t and there isn’t.

As for its roots, toss a big red “OCCULT” flag on that field. In the video interview, Claudio Naranjo admits that he and Oscar Ichazo lied about the enneagram having had ancient origins. At about 3:45, he says some of it came from his own observations, but that it “mostly came from automatic writing.” Ichazo, who was heavily involved in psychedelic drugs and shamanism, also received “instructions from a higher entity called Metatron.”

In short, the enneagram belongs in the same bonfire as tarot cards and ouija boards.

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