My latest update from the campaign trail.

TUCKER CARLSON: Nov 4, 2019 [5:36]Mark Steyn reacts to Trump’s Kentucky rally and talks about 2020.

PAUL RAND: At the Nov 4 Trump rally [2:12] About the impeachment circus.

2020 Impeachment by Branco

IMPEACHMENT: The man the New York Times called the “leading impeachment lawyer” tweeted: “Pelosi, Schiff and their surrogates need to appeal to moderate Rs. But they are still preaching to the converted. That’s a path to disaster for them.”

GUTFELD: Oct 27, 2019 [7:57]Democrats are out to silence speech, control it then leak it at will.”

2020 CA

CALIFORNIA: California is wholly controlled by the Democratic Party and what a paradise they’ve created! Instead of “The Golden State,” California is now “The Human Excrement State.”

With a direct pipeline to the fifth-largest treasury on the planet, California has been waging war on decent people, banning plastic straws, giving free syringes to drug addicts, and allowing tent cities to spread filth and third world diseases.

And people are leaving in droves. More than half of those who remain say they’d like to leave.

FAUXCAHONTAS: William Jacobson analyzes her chances [14:40]If you prefer to skim, there is a transcript at the link below.

2020 Fauxcahontas medicare for all

FAUXCAHONTAS: Elizabeth Warren has consulted with some economists about how to pay for her insane Medicare for All plan. One of them suggested “diverting” funds allocated to veteran health care.

I didn’t know it was possible for me to despise this woman any more than I already did.

2020 Warren lies

FAUXCAHONTAS: “Doctor, liar, Indian thief” – Every single benefit and/or advantage which Warren gained for herself by lying about being a Native American resulted in an actual loss of benefit and advantage for a real Native American.

WARREN’S MEME TEAM: “You can do a lot with two cents” and “Let’s save the nation with memes” [9:14]In a tweet that has since been deleted, Warren’s Meme Team wrote:

@WarrensMemeTeam will help us win the primaries, then win on the digital battlefield in the general. Expressive energy channeled through this engine will a) outperform the trolls, b) “organize the memers”, & c) empower all supporters to participate w/ any skill/creativity level.

This reminds me of Hillary Clinton trying to connect with younger voters.”

2020 bwahaha

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! During an interview with Hill.TV’s “Rising” released on Tuesday, Representative John Yarmuth (D-KY) said he sees a “possibility” that Trump won’t be on the ballot in 2020, adding, “with him, it’s all going to be about his ego, and if he sees that he’s facing a humiliating defeat at the polls, then…I can see him saying, I’ve made America as great as I can. And I’m going to go to Mar-a-Lago full time and play golf.”

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