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No Quid Pro Quo

BONGINO: Ep. 1105 Nov 7, 2019 [57:32]Washington Times headline says, “Taylor transcript says he believed Ukraine aid hinged on investigations.” Oh. Wow. Trump. Is. Going. Down. Now! Yeah, no. The transcript ALSO says that Taylor wasn’t on the call and didn’t hear this from anyone who was on the call. In fact, he heard it FOURTH HAND. The fact that he believed fourth hand information is meaningless, but that’s what the Slime Stream Media decided was the Big Takeaway.

The article also never gets around to mentioning that, on September 9, 2019, Taylor texted with Gordon Sondland, United States Ambassador to the European Union, about the rumor he’d heard.  Sondland told him in no uncertain terms that there was NO QUID PRO QUO. Continue reading

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Bits & Bytes

I am child of God Continue reading

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Killing Babies

INFANTICIDE: [45:02] – House Democrats have refused 75 times (so far) to even discuss a law to protect babies who are born alive during an abortion. They claim infanticide is already illegal, so it never happens. Yeah, no. There are abundant firsthand accounts of nurses who say they have personally witnessed infants being deliberately left to die by hospital staff for no other reason than the fact that their mothers didn’t want them. Continue reading


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My latest update from the campaign trail.

TUCKER CARLSON: Nov 4, 2019 [5:36]Mark Steyn reacts to Trump’s Kentucky rally and talks about 2020.

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