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2019_11 07 Earth mother Christ hope

2019_11 07 Trump Mexico

MEXICO: A shootout in northern Mexico killed nine American citizens, including six children. Six more children were injured. Apparently, a drug cartel thought the SUVs belonged to a rival drug cartel.

President Donald Trump declared the U.S. “stands ready, willing & able” to help Mexico eliminate “these monsters.”

MEXICO: Tucker Carlson on cartel violence [1:51]Mexico is becoming a failed state.”

2019_11 07 war crimes

TRUMP: Reversing war crimes convictions President Trump has decided to intervene in three war crimes cases.

This president recognizes the injustice of it,” Pete Hegseth said on Fox and Friends. “You train someone to go fight and kill the enemy. Then they go kill the enemy the way someone doesn’t like, and then we put them in jail or we throw the book at them.”

trump economy

TRUMP ECONOMY: In the eight years before President Trump’s inauguration, prescription drug prices increased by a stunning average of 3.6 percent per year. Under Trump, the United States is seeing its largest decline in prescription drug prices since 1967.

60 MINUTES: Epstein [1:47]60 Minutes’ released this preview for its upcoming episode about deceased pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

2017_11 07 abc

FAKE NEWS: Project Veritas has revealed that ABC suppressed an in-depth interview with Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, but some people reporting them breathlessly reporting non-stop on unsubstantiated sexual harassment claims against Trump.

Meanwhile, the New York Slime suppressed evidence that Elizabeth Warren’s “I was fired for being pregnant” claim was as fake as her Native American cheekbones. They claim the evidence they had (minutes from school board meetings) was “inconclusive.”

Never mind that when the rest of us finally saw those minutes, we thought they were as conclusive as the DNA test. Also never mind the way the NYSlime publishes unsubstantiated rumors that make Trump look bad.

2019_11 07 twitter

MEDIA BIAS: CNN did five minutes on Trump’s Twitter typos [3:46] TDS. To. The. Max.

2019_11 07 Trans and Trump

TRANS: Munchhausen by Proxy Child AbuseMunchhausen by Proxy is a familiar and ugly behavior in which parents, often mothers, seek attention by attributing illnesses to their children. They successfully convince children, bystanders, sometimes even medical professionals, that their children are sick. And they do this, often, by poisoning their children or otherwise interfering with their health.

2019_11 07 James

TRANS: James Younger, the little Texas boy whose dad had to fight in court to stop his ex-wife from giving their seven-year-old son puberty blockers Up until now, his mother has forced him to attend school as “Luna”, the daughter she prefers.

Thankfully, now that the judge has given James’ dad more time with and power over parenting decisions, James has been allowed to choose the name and gender he wants to use at school.

He has decided he prefers to attend school as a boy named James.

2019_11 07 censored

TRANS: Facts the bully activists don’t like are “hate speech” [7:42] YouTube has removed a pediatrician’s video for “violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech.” The offending statement was, “See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm, you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender.”

To see the uncensored video, click on the Daily Signal link below.

2019_11 07 Two Wolves

RELIGION: Atheism is an abject failureMany optimistic atheists recently believed that once God was dethroned and banished, we could finally live as adults and get on with the utopian project of creating a society based on faith in ourselves. These skeptics were unfortunately skeptical about everything except the goodness of humanity. … It is the abject failure of this thesis that is leading some prominent atheists to begrudgingly admit that perhaps Christianity was more necessary than they thought.” – Jonathon Van Maren

*According to the United States Supreme Court, atheism is a religion.

A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: [2:26]A new movie featuring Tom Hanks, portraying Mister Rogers. It’s a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, and is based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.

2019_11 07 helping with groceries

GRAMMY NOTES: Bootz (photo) has started going to a few hours of day care once a week. This week, he was acting clingy “Mommy, I NEED you”, etc. So Mama sat with him for circle time where he kept his arm wrapped around her. They were reading a book about trees. When the teacher asked the kids what kinds of fruit grows on trees, Bootz said, “Oranges!” And right after that, he said good-bye to Mama and nudged her to leave. LOL

After two autistic toddlers who spoke some sort of “twin” language to each other that nobody else could understand, Mama is continually amazed and amused by Bootz’s language development. Last night, he handed her a pillow and pillowcase and said, “Mommy, I want to put this on, but I can’t because its too hard. Please help me do it!” He turned 3 last March.

I’m so glad she gets to raise a kid who is verbally precocious. She was also and I remember enjoying so much watching her pronunciation, vocabulary, and understanding of grammar grow by leaps and bounds! In fact, she has a gift for languages. In high school, she took French and Spanish simultaneously … though sometimes she did mix them up and answer a question in the wrong language LOL.

2019_11 07 Buzz

Our language-challenged mascots provide real moments of joy too … it just takes them longer to achieve each milestone. And they have to work hard in therapy to get there. Bunny has gone from barely verbal to being a real chatterbox, but Buzz still struggles to get out any words at all.

This week, he had several big achievements. Besides making the card in the picture, he also said, totally unprompted, “Hi, Daddy. How are you?” on the phone and last night, when Mama asked him what he was thankful for, he said “Daddy home.” That’s such a lot for him! It breaks my heart how hard it is for this very intelligent boy to say the simplest things. He’s been able to read since he was 4! He must have such a wealth of thoughts and feelings in that sweet head that he can’t share.

2019_11 07 cough syrup

2019_11 07 depressed chair


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  1. A boy named James prefers to go to school as a boy named James.

    This is what’s news today.

    Sad chair: LOLs from Milady and me. She: “I want to just put shoes on it.”


    Chrissy: Daily Wire article you might not have seen.

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