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IRAN: Trump’s sanctions are working – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the “world’s largest state sponsor of terror is having to make more difficult decisions about their budget.” As a result, terrorist groups like Hezbollah have fewer resources.

2019_11 06 Democrat pledge by Varvel

IMPEACHMENT: From Betsy McCaughey at the New York PostHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists the impeachment procedures adopted last Thursday are ‘the fairest possible.’ Don’t believe it. In truth, a provision slyly added at the last minute is all but certain to deprive President Trump of the ability to defend himself. Expect a one-sided propaganda circus with Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff acting as ringmaster. …

“Section F, quietly devised by Judiciary Committee Chair Jerold Nadler, stipulates that unless the president surrenders executive privilege — a power even the Supreme Court has ruled is vital to his office — he and his lawyers will be denied any ability to call or question witnesses.

“House Democrats are behaving like thugs, twisting arms to get what the Constitution does not entitle them to demand.”

IMPEACHMENT: Matthew Whitaker, acting United States Attorney General after Jeff Sessions resigned [5:38]The due process rights of this president have been completely ignored.” Schiff “has acted as both prosecutor and judge.” Also the Ukraine whistleblower’s identity and Trump’s fight with New York over his tax returns.

IMPEACHMENT: KT McFarland, former Trump Deputy National Security Adviser [5:33]Do we have a right to question the Ukraine whistleblower or does he deserve to be protected from retribution? Also, what damage does impeachment do to the nation both at home and abroad?

2019_09 30 Greta Covington

CLIMATE: On Monday, President Trump began the yearlong process of withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.

Also, the Trump EPA is easing excessive Obama-era regulations on the disposal of coal ash.


JUDICIAL NOMINATIONS: While the TDSers obsess about impeachment, the Republican majority Senate continue to confirm Trump’s judicial nominations – He now has 157 appointees sitting on federal benches, more than any recent president at the same point in their presidencies.

Two of them are on the Supreme Court and 43 are on one of the 13 powerful Circuit Courts of Appeals. Significantly, Trump’s appointees have flipped the Third Circuit Court of Appeals from majority Democrat nominated to majority Republican nominated judges, is on the cusp of flipping the Second and the Eleventh, and has made big gains on the notoriously liberal Ninth “Circus” Court of Appeals where there are now 16 Democrat-appointed judges and 12 Republican-appointed judges with one vacancy.

Two examples of how Trump’s appointees are making a difference … Neil Gorsuch cast the deciding vote in the Janus case, which established that all government workers cannot be compelled to pay union fees. And Gorsuch and Kavanaugh joined the other conservatives on the Court in a 5-4 decision allowing construction of the border wall to continue.

PROJECT VERITAS: ABC insider video from August 2019 [7:36] Good Morning America had all the dirt on Jeffrey Epstein years ago. ABC refused to let them air it.

GOOD GAL WITH GUN: A pregnant Florida woman saved her entire family with her AR-15 [2:49] AR-15s were designed specifically for civilian use.

2019_11 06 bubble

THUG LIFE: Trans activists got a birth coach and mother of four booted from her professional organization in the UK for posting on Facebook that only women can have babies.

ANTI-MEME ACT: If this stupid thing passes, it will be too dangerous to use ANY image that you didn’t make yourself. How else could you be certain that the stupid thing was not copyrighted?

2019_11 06 40 days

40 DAYS FOR LIFE: The largest 40 Days for Life campaign so far ended recently. They have confirmed reports of 454 babies saved from abortion, with reports continuing to come in!

2019_11 06 china

COMMUNISM SUCKS: The Chinese government has demolished the Catholic church in Wu Gao Zhang.  It had been built just a year ago on farmland the parishioners had purchased.

The government said they “had” to destroy the building, because it had been built “without the proper permits.”

They said the verbal permission they’d received didn’t count.

The government also offered to provide a piece of land and money for the church to be rebuilt.

They declined to put that in writing.

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2019_11 06 short run

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  1. booted from her professional organization in the UK for posting on Facebook that only women can have babies.

    Yesterday, I vlogged a SciShow about reproductivity. More than once he referred to “people,” when he clearly meant only women. When he got down to the guts, he would talk about female reproductive system, so they didn’t mince on that, but sheesh! Science and transspeak collide.

    One instance regarded 13% of “people” have regular cycles. Not women. Not even, as I presume they meant, menstruating women. Just “people.” Making the figure meaningless. Imprecise PC language is the enemy of fact, accuracy, and healthy thinking.


    • chrissythehyphenated


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    • I stopped watching SciShow after that ridiculous episode they did on breastfeeding where the idiot host insisted upon referring to the person with the breasts as “the parent.” Heaven forbid he should use an archaic gendered term like the m-word for the person who breastfeeds the baby! Almost as egregious was his hamfisted attempt to debunk the idea that breastfeeding is free on the grounds that “breastfeeding is free only if you assume that a parent’s time is worth nothing.” I’ve heard feminists make the same argument and they always seem to think it’s a real zinger. The fact remains that the baby needs to be fed, one way or the other, and you don’t save any time by bottle feeding unless you delegate the chore to someone else, in which you have to assume that that person’s time is worth nothing. Of course, the baby could easily starve to death while the “parent” is busy trying to find someone whose time is worth nothing and who therefore won’t mind doing all the work connected with bottle feeding. I swear, some of these progressive types make me wonder if their own “parents” dropped them on their heads when they were babies.

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      • I learn a lot from SciShow. Yes, they’re stuck in PC language, climate change, windmills, and unicorns. Their presenters could try to look a little less raggedy. They need more good graphics and less presenters’ faces. But… wait a second, I’m sure I had a but coming up here…

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      • chrissythehyphenated

        The time argument also ignores how much faster it is to just whip out a boob as compared with preparing a bottle. Never mind the wear and tear on your nerves while you try to get the thing to the right temperature while the baby shrieks, or realizing you forgot to get more formula and running back to the store before baby begins to shriek, then washing and sterilizing the dirty bottle and nipple after baby finally goes back to sleep. ::smh::

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