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2019_11 04 come to me

PRAYERS NEEDED: Beijing, China, Nov 1, 2019 Priests and parishioners have barricaded themselves inside a Catholic church in the Chinese province of Hebei. According to reports, they are attempting to prevent the Chinese government from tearing down the Church.

2019_11 04 Obama v Trump money

TRUMP ECONOMY: October Jobs ReportNonfarm payrolls rose by 128,000 , exceeding the estimate of 75,000 from economists surveyed by Dow Jones. Also, the unemployment rate for African Americans nudged down to a record low 5.4%, total employment jumped to a new high of 158.5 million, and average hourly earnings rose 0.1% to a year-over-year 3% gain.

“You’ll remember back in 2016 when the last president asked what ‘magic wand’ we had to bring manufacturing jobs back to our shores. We didn’t need a magic wand; we just needed Trump in the White House.” – Vice President Mike Pence

IMPEACHMENT: Huckabee explains impeachment. This is well worth five minutes of your close attention.

IMPEACHMENT: Judge Jeanine was on FIRE with her opening statement on Nov 3, 2019 [8:40]The Dem players here are dishonest, disingenuous, and deceitful.”

IMPEACHMENT: [8:02] The Dems proved this past week how partisan this impeachment inquiry really is. They care more about Trump’s request for Ukraine to investigate Biden’s corruption than they care about Biden’s corruption.

2019_11 04 Katie Hill

BROWN PRIVILEGE: In the wake of a House Ethics Committee investigation, Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) has announced her resignation from Congress on Sunday. The openly bi-sexual Democrat has been accused to having an intimate “throuple” relationship with a female staffer and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

2019_11 04 Antifa thug

JUSTICE: This past June, masked “antifa” thugs busted a conservative man’s head open with a baton. He suffered a concussion and needed 25 staples to close the wounds. Gage Halupowski, the 24-year-old man who pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in the attack, was sentenced to 70 months (5.83 years) in prison on Friday. Another person has been indicted in this same assault and more people are under investigation for violence during the June 29 demonstrations.

2019_11 04 windmill

WINDMILLS: Yeah, let’s put a ton of money into wind powerIt only works some of the time; when it works, it kills endangered birds; when it stops working, the pieces and parts aren’t recyclable. Yup. What could possibly be bad about all THAT?!

THE DIVINE PLAN: Wednesday only in theaters [4:06]Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the end of the Cold War, a movie by Robert Orlando. Click to look up your zip code to find the nearest theater and buy tickets.

2019_11 04 Dusty

ABORTION: This moving photo is from After the Abortion Photography Series by Angela Forker.

2019_11 04 Slavery safe legal and rare

CHEAPENING HUMAN LIFE: It’s what Democrats do – A Pennsylvania lawmaker described a miscarried baby as “a mess on a napkin” Tuesday in response to a bill requiring the dignified disposal of aborted and miscarried babies. Don’t say that in front of my daughter. Both of hers have names and a memorial tree in their yard.

2019_11 04 RBG

ABORTION: Remember when Democrats accused Republicans of inappropriately having an abortion “litmus test” for SCOTUS nominees?Once again, the old rule applies. “If you want to know what Democrats are doing just listen to what they’re accusing Republicans of doing.”

During a recent speech at Georgetown University Law School, former President Bill Clinton said that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s strong support for abortion was a major factor in his decision to nominate her to the U.S. Supreme Court.

2019_11 04 abortion alive

CRUELTY: More screwed up prioritiesNew York City, the Abortion Capital of the U.S., has banned the sale of foie gras, saying it involves animal cruelty. Ducks are force-fed to ensure they develop the fattened livers necessary to making foie gras.

2019_11 04 protest

PROTEST: Former gay, lesbian, and transgender men and women came to Washington this week to pray for the nation, share their stories, and urge members of Congress to oppose the so-called “Equality Act” and “Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act.”

2019_11 03 Bunny apples

GRAMMY NOTES: Buzz, Bunny, and Bootz helped Mama make banana bread and apple sauce. The white plastic knife is kid safe. It cuts fruits and vegetables, but not skin. 🙂

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