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2019_10 27 just pray

And when you think you know what to do, pray, because you might be wrong.

MIDDLE EAST: [2:26]The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is dead following a raid by U.S.-led forces in Idlib, Syria. The terrorist apparently took his own life rather than be captured.

JUDGE JEANINE: Opening Statement [6:09]Durham’s FISA investigation going criminal, Mueller and the secret impeachment hearings.

MORE JUDGE JEANINE: With Dan Bongino about the week’s big stories [6:55].

CHINA: This is really hard to listen to [8:05] – The Chinese government has been harvesting organs from healthy political prisoners. One former prisoner who had liver problems and later escaped to the U.S. says that, while healthy prisoners get thorough physical exams and blood tests, prisoners who are actually sick get no medical care at all.

PROJECT VERITAS: The Wall of Shame [2:32] Congrats to Jordan Fenster of The Hour News for making #301 on the PV retraction wall. Fenster wrote an article about how O’Keefe is a big, fat liar … then having to publish a retraction about all the facts he’d gotten wrong.

HUCKABEE: Facts of the Matter [13:02]If you have to ban someone for speaking his mind, then you must believe your position is indefensible. FYI: This was filmed before the judge ruled for co-conservatorship in the James Younger case. I had been wondering what kind of doctor his nutty mother is. Huckabee says she’s a PEDIATRICIAN! Agggghhhhhh!

JOURNALISM: [1:46]Make things controversial for clicks and for views.”

2019_10 27 tom arnold

TOM ARNOLD: Apologies for the vulgarity!! This tweet is thoroughly disgusting, but it’s so typical of the Hollyweird Haters, I decided to post it.

21st c. FEMINISM: [2:56] Not long after reading Tom Arnold’s abusive tweet, I listened to this woman who mentioned a coed who said a guy telling her she had nice legs was “mini rape.”

For some reason, this reminds me of Whoopi saying that Roman Polanski’s rape conviction shouldn’t bother his fans, because “it wasn’t rape rape.”

2019_10 27 kid prayed

WALKING THE WALK: Welcome the children!


GRAMMY NOTES: Buzz (10) and Bunny (8) shared their birthday party yesterday. Mama Buzz made a piñata cake. When cut, candy spills out of the middle! 🙂

Ten years … wow. Buzz has been my mascot since shortly after I started blogging. Every time he has a birthday, I am amazed all over again at how many years I’ve been really enjoying this “work.”




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  1. Milady got to this page before I did and exclaimed aloud about Tom Arnold’s nasty tweet. Thinkin’ that Meester Arnold may need to cut back on whatever recreational substance of choice he’s been abusing there. Before he’s behind bars. Is that tweet up to Twitter’s high standards of decorum? Of course it is – he’s not a Republican.

    I wonder, if you dug back in Arnold’s twits, would you find him lambasting Trump for his “vulgarian” ways?

    Oh, and, by the way. I would not want to ever rile Diamond and Silk. I’ve always said they’re the intimidating aunts you never want to cross. “Uh, oh! Tom’s in trou-blllle!”

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      “Is that tweet up to Twitter’s high standards of decorum? Of course it is – he’s not a Republican.” … you got that right. If he’d said abortion is murder or transitioning children is child abuse, Twitter would have yanked it.


  2. “When you don’t know what to do, pray.”

    The story of my last decade, or two. Or six.

    It’s just plain sense: If you don’t know what to do, you’ve got nothing else to do at the moment anyway, might as well pray.

    Praying beats the alternative of freaking out. Praying may not answer ‘what to do,’ but freaking out assuredly leads to bad answers. Vox experientia.
    Understanding the answer to prayer:


  3. red

    It’s never rape when someone wealthy does it unless that person is a conservative. Then saying hello is rape to the neolib neonazi crowd. Years ago, I held the door for a woman. she refused to go thru unless I let go of the door. I said, my mother would ream me good if I didn’t hold the door. she sneered something about slaves, and I said, “Yeah, well, Dad has knife scars from when he was not acting his age. Women in my people do not allow men to remain children, or to be weak. Our word for mom, etsi, also means a mother wolf, and they’re very proud of that. They raise warriors (this is in the Army), both men and women and are proud of me that a lot of people call me a son-of-a-bit_h. I was taught man was put here to serve Woman and her children, to be first-line defense and woman as second line for the kids.” She blinked and grabbed my arm and her’s boyfriends, and said she knew she was safe from anyone bugging her with two warriors. I said, “Three, because you’re training, too.” walk in beauty