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The Deep State Cover-up

THE DAN BONGINO SHOW: Episode 1093 [57:15] – (Oct 22, 2019) In this episode, Bongino addresses explosive new details emerging about the deep-state cover-up of the Spygate scandal. John Brennan and these politicians are panicking. This is a little dense, so you need to really listen. I’ve included some crib notes below to help you keep track of the players. Continue reading

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IMPEACHMENT! IMPEACHMENT! IMPEACHMENT!: [4:15]Democrats said with authority and great assurance that they had damning evidence on the Russia! Russia! Russia! thing. It blew up in their faces.

Maybe “Impeachment! Impeachment! Impeachment!” will be the final nail in the Democratic Party.

A women’s sportswear company (Dhvani) has put out some pretty outrageous ads showing super fit women giving Trump a good beat down. The CEO calls it “empowering women.”

The only thing I feel empowered to do is make sure I never buy any of Dhvani’s products. Like EVER. And just because I’m disabled and home bound does not mean I never work out or need to buy sports wear, cuz I do. So THERE. Harumph.

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Andrew Klavan Explains The Rules

2019_10 23 Kavanaugh family

Learn To Play By The Rules Of Politics So Democrats Can Destroy The Country By Andrew Klavan

The following is satirical.

If there’s one thing that’s important for every American to know, it’s how to play by the rules of politics. Playing by the rules allows you to maintain an atmosphere of civility and dignity while the Democrats run roughshod over every norm of behavior and destroy everything good and true about America.

So let’s learn some of the rules.

When someone completely unassociated with Donald Trump produces a video in which Trump shoots his enemies in the Democrat Party and the media, it proves that Trump is degrading public discourse and inspiring violence.

When a sportswear company puts an enormous billboard in Times Square showing a woman tying Trump up and stomping on the president’s face, then it’s time to buy some new sportswear.

When Arizona’s lady Governor Jan Brewer pointed a finger at President Barack Obama and told him she needed some border security, that was called “Fingergate” and was an example of Brewer’s racist disrespect for our first black president – who, did I mention, was black?

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stuck out her finger at Donald Trump, that was an example of feminist independence and courage and time to buy some new sportswear and stomp on the president’s face.

When Barack Obama’s Justice Department and Intelligence Agencies spied on the opposing party’s campaign, that was our heroic deep state protecting Americans from their incorrect decisions.

When Donald Trump suggested Ukraine examine corruption that might include opposition candidate Joe Biden, that was worse than Watergate in which a president spied on the opposing party like Barack Obama did to Trump.

Finally, when the news media lie and distort in order to support a deep state coup, that’s freedom of speech. When Americans speak out freely against the media’s corruption, that endangers the First Amendment.

You must follow these rules carefully or else you could wake up and find yourself telling a power-obsessed bunch of baby-killing Communist Democrats and media to kiss your butt and then go straight to hell.

And we wouldn’t want that.

CtH: My apologies to Andrew for reprinting this in its entirety and without bothering to ask his permission. It needs to be read.


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