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2019_10 20 I have overcome the world

2019_10 20 trump little league

TRUMP: Pictured are Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise (R) and the kids of the Eastbank All-Stars little league baseball team from Louisiana.

Following their visit to the White House on Friday to commemorate their winning of this year’s Little League World Series championship, Trump asked the kids’ parents whether it would be okay for them to get on Air Force One for a ride back to Louisiana where Trump was headed for a campaign rally anyway.

They said yes, of course!

2019_10 20 trump economy

TRUMP ECONOMY: WOOHOO!! After less than THREE years, our national debt-to-GDP ratio is going DOWN, indicating that the economy is growing faster than the national debt!

Compare this to the Obama Economy (which Democrats want to return to). In October 2016, Rex Sinquefield wrote at Forbes:

The Obama recovery of the last seven years remains the worst in postwar American history. Average gross domestic product (GDP) growth since the bottom of the recession in 2009 was barely above 2.1% per year. The average since 1949 is well above 4% per year during the previous 10 expansions.

“This result is not just bad, it is catastrophic. … I believe the root cause of abysmal growth is the huge tax increases imposed by Obama and the Democrats in Congress since 2008. … The massive increase in regulatory burden through the ACA and Dodd-Frank bills are also crushing.”

2019_10 20 Hillary

HILLARY’S EMAILS: A State Department investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server found that 38 people were responsible for “91 valid violations”These included instances of putting classified information on Clinton’s non-classified private server. The investigation also found hundreds of other violations for which it could not assign fault. (Except maybe her setting up a private server in the first place?)

The report concludes there was no “systemic” attempt to mishandle material. I’m wondering what difference that should make. People have gone to jail for inadvertently doing a lot less than what Hillary did.

2019_10 20 Obama quid pro quo

OBAMA: Speaking of quid pro quoPresident Obama reportedly used public money to incentivize states to adopt Common Core standards and give Pearson Publishing $350 million to create Common Core text books.

Usually, schools only replace textbooks when they wear out. But those states that adopted Common Core had to buy all new textbooks … from Pearson … again with tax payers’ money.

Pearson made BILLIONS.

Then Pearson gave Obama a $65 million dollar book deal.

BABY BODY PARTS CASE: [10:35] Judge William Orrick finally allowed the jury to see some minutes of raw, uncut video taken by the Center for Medical Progress.

A courtroom observer told Operation Rescue that tears could been seen on the faces of some members of the jury. “The jury was stunned. It was the first time during the three-week trial that they had seen any of the debated video,” the observer told Operation Rescue.

It was a game changer and a huge victory for the pro-life defendants. Planned Parenthood’s star witness turned into a star witness for the defense. It could not have been a better day.”

LOUDER WITH CROWDER: [15:19]In the wake of Beto’s gun confiscation remarks, Steven explains when armed resistance is appropriate.

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