My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 Pelosi hypocrisy

VOTE THEM ALL OUT: From Rep Tom ReedToday House Democrats had the opportunity to support a bipartisan solution to lower prescription drug costs, but Democrats rejected it in favor of impeachment. Who is losing out in all of this? The American people.”

BETO: Yeah, he wants to go door to door and confiscate guns. Duh. [3:53]So there are 16 million of these “guns of war” in this country, all of which are presumably legal since he has this number. Sixteen MILLION … but they’ve only been used in a handful of crimes?

As the meme says, “If these guns were the problem, you’d KNOW it.”

He sounds soooo pious talking about the people who are allegedly terrified of being killed in a mass shooting.

And “listen to the people who say they don’t need it for self-protection.” Where exactly did he find such idiots?! Those guns are really expensive. Why the HELL would anyone buy one and then tell HIM, “Oh, I don’t need it.”

As for listening … how about listening to the people who say they DO need them for self-protection! Even better, listen to the people who HAVE used them for self-protection!

I doubt this twerp has seriously listened to anybody who disagrees with him about anything. Ever.

2020 Booker abortion

SPARTACUS: Every one of the heartless Democratic presidential candidate is fully on board with abortion for any reason right up until the baby appears on its own – The following personal account by a pathologist is how NORMAL human beings react to the brutality of killing the unborn:

One incident really freaked me, it was a boy fetus, at least 3+ pounds, around 24+ weeks. It sat decomposing because the rest of the staff was AFRAID of it, I’m not joking. Then the chief of staff told me to deal with it because I was the FNG (f-kcin new guy) so I went to work.

“Pulled out two well-formed arms and then the torso, headless. The head was at the bottom of the container, when I pulled it, he had this expression of such utter horror it flipped me wayyyy out, my PA saw it and ran, literally left work and went on disability (I’m serious here). It was like a headless screaming baby, like it had been born at least for a split second to realize it was screwed and let out one agonal yelp. The story of this reverberated around the department… I woke up once shortly after that in a cold sweat with piss running down my leg….

2020 kamala

KAMALA: Twitter nixed Harris’s demand to cancel President Trump’s accountThe head of Twitter’s trust and safety team told her, “We reviewed the Tweets you cite in your letter, and they do not violate our policies against abusive behavior, targeted harassment, or violence on the service.”

DR. MANNY SETHI: Awesome campaign ad [1:00]Let them try and call me a racist.”

ROMNEY: [:30]The conservative Club for Growth began running this ad Thursday, both digitally and on Fox News stations in Utah.

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