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WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Republican National Committee should offer to be the official sponsor of a weekly Democratic presidential debate. There would be no better advertisement for President Trump’s re-election.”

2019_10 16 dem debate

DEM DEBATE: Fauxcahontas is surging in the polls and raising more money than the rest of the Socialist horde, so they piled on during the latest Demo-nomi-wannabe debate.

  • ROBERT FRANCIS: The man who wants to confiscate guns and tax churches for teaching what the Bible said, “I think we need to be focused on lifting people up. Sometimes I think that Sen. Warren is more focused on being punitive and pitting one part of the country against the other.”
  • BOOTYJUDGE: When Warren punted on a question about whether such a health care model would require raising taxes for middle-class Americans, Mayor Pete opined, “A yes or no question that didn’t get a yes or no answer. Your signature, senator.”
  • YANG: Andrew Yang slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) proposed wealth tax because it has been tested and repealed in other countries. “We should not be looking to other countries’ mistakes.”

Warren was reportedly aggressive in defending herself from her critics, arguing that Democrats should aspire to bring about sweeping political and economic change rather than resign themselves to more incremental policy adjustments.

I think as Democrats we are going to succeed when we dream big and fight hard, not when we dream small and quit before we get started,” Warren said.

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YANG: Putting the wealth of a nation into the hands of its politicians is the very definition of socialism, an economic model that has failed spectacularly every place it’s been tried.


SCOTUS: Mayor Pete was the only Democratic presidential candidate on the debate stage Tuesday night to explicitly endorse court packing as way to prevent Roe v. Wade from being overturned by a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

Other candidates who were asked about court packing were more wary of the idea.


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  1. Said before, will say again, there’s not one thing they support that is in any way aligned with American values. Small wonder there’s no Old Glory in sight during their debates.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Yep. I remember telling my IT guy (huge fan of PN) that I had lined up the Democratic platform with God’s word and found every single item was opposed. His eyes bugged, his mouth dropped, then he grabbed his head and said, “HOW could I have not ever noticed that before?!”

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