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PRAYING FOR TRUMP: Young Black Leadership Conference [2:57] – Ethiopian immigrant thanked God for President Trump. “The enemy has no room!

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Project Veritas has proven that CNN is FAKE NEWS [3:13] – Zucker should resign.

HUCKABEE: I really like this show [9:24] – This clip covers trans child abuse, the cancel culture, and big money in politics.

2019_10 15 trans mandate

JUSTICE: Good riddance to another piece of Obama’s “legacy” A federal court in Texas ruled Tuesday that Obama’s “transgender mandate” is unconstitutional.

BHO tried to force doctors to perform gender transition procedures on anyone who wanted it, including children, even if the doctor believed the procedure could harm the patient and/or violated his/her religious beliefs.

2019_10 16 mother cabrini

MOTHER CABRINI: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the state will erect a statue of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

During a public nominations period for the She Built NYC program, Mother Cabrini received 219 nominations — more than double the number received by Jane Jacobs, who received the second-most nominations.

The Leftists running the program, which is intended to honor women who have made extraordinary contributions to NYC and beyond, decided they didn’t want to build a statue to no stinkin’ Catholic saint.

The group, led by Mayor deBlasio’s black wife, Chirlane McCray, tossed out the revered Catholic sister and other white top vote getters … in favor of more women of color, plus … get this … a black DRAG QUEEN.

Mother Cabrini is venerated by Catholics as the patron of immigrants. During her life, she opened and operated many schools and orphanages in New York City and was the first naturalized American citizen to be declared a saint by the Catholic Church.

2019_10 16 virtue

VIRTUE SIGNALING: It’s easy to talkRecently, some folks went around asking Swedes if they would be willing to take refugees into their own homes. Those who said yes were then offered the opportunity to take “Ali” home with them. Cue desperate searching for excuses.

2019_10 16 flat earth

FLAT EARTH MYTH: The first known mention of a globe is from about 150 BCThe idea that Christians once commonly believed in a flat earth for theological reasons is a myth. The story was invented to promote the claim that Christians have widely resisted scientific advancement due to doctrinal constraints.

“A major motivating factor behind propagating this myth has been to bolster the Darwinian worldview and to further the goal of displacing the biblical worldview.

“No evidence exists to support the common claim that scientists were once persecuted for opposing the flat-earth belief or advocating the spherical earth view, which has been commonly accepted for millennia.” – Jerry Bergman

2019_10 16 Christian speed date

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