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VP PENCE: On Huckabee [14:19].

MEDIA BIAS: 5 things they did NOT report last week [3:35].

2019_10 14 Gaetz Syria tweet

SYRIA: From American ThinkerI’m a security cooperation expert helping the Pentagon work with land forces across the world.  Our allies and foreign partners like us because we are ready to fight for them and more often than not give them training and equipment to settle their own challenges.  I dare say the American taxpayer ought to ask whether there ought to be a limit on how much of this fighting really supports our national interests. 

“I’m reminded of what English statesman and General Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) said to his troops: ‘Put your trust in God, but mind to keep your powder dry.’ That’s an apropos view in the Syria account.  America has too many fights ongoing now and much bigger ones ahead.  For our national interests, we too must ‘mind to keep’ our powder dry and not squander our resources on others’ wars.  Let’s put Syria in the rearview mirror.”

About the author: Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis graduated from the U.S. Military Academy and is an instructor at the Army War College. He oversees a team of national security experts in the Pentagon and has more than 800 published articles on national security and geopolitical issues. His most recent books are Progressive Evil (2019), and Alliance of Evil (2018).

2019_10 14 Hanoi Jane`

HANOI JANE: Jane Fonda was arrested with a group of climate change protesters on Friday. Capitol police say they were “unlawfully demonstrating on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol.”

She reportedly took a break from her Netflix show to move to Washington D.C. so she could protest illegally and get arrested every week. So brave. So sacrificial. ::eyeroll::

2019_10 14 CA plastic straws

CALIFORNIA: The Progs running this failing state continue to ignore very real problems while pursuing their Satanic agendas.

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law yesterday a bill (SB 24) forcing his state’s public universities to dispense the abortion pill on campus.

“Morning After” pills have killed women. I wonder if Newsom considered the consequences of future lawsuits. Or maybe he doesn’t care, since it’s just taxpayers’ money and, anyway, he’ll be long retired before anything could come to trial.

LOUDER with CROWDER: Greta Thunberg [14:20]A really good rant with which I totally agree.


SEX SLAVERY: Okay, so the Thunberg meme isn’t exactly apropos, but it was so close and I really wanted to post it, so here it is. Anyway, what is on point is that Army Princess tells me that Operation Underground Railroad is a good organization.

If it’s something that weighs on you, it’s nice to know that for $10 a month you can have a hands on impact at not only helping free children from slavery, but also at sending the slave traders to jail.”

2019_10 14 perforated uterus

ABORTION: It’s dangerousThe Rhode Island woman in the photo was rushed to the hospital after an abortionist poked a hole in her uterus. The extent of the damage caused by this woman’s perforation is unknown.

A perforated uterus is a potentially life-threatening abortion complication that can cause severe pain, hemorrhaging, internal bleeding, infection, and death. Perforations have been known to also damage other organs inside the abdomen, including bowels, arteries, the bladder, and ureters.

TRANS: [50:59] I started to post this separately, because I think it’s so important. And also because it’s so long.

But then I remembered that the last time I posted something with “trans” or “walt heyer” in the title, PoliNation got banned by Facebook. It took weeks and three different “please review this” pleas to get Facebook to let us cross-post again. Candace says here that the trans activists are the most vicious of the SJW activists. I believe it.

So here this is, buried down here. I know it’s nearly an hour long. But the conversation between Candace and Walt is really important. I encourage you to find the time.

2019_10 14 word nerd

WORD NERD: The French have an expression for a too-late retort thought of only after departure. L’esprit de l’escalier … literally, stairwell wit.

2019_10 14 Doc's hospital

GRAMMY NOTES: “Doc Bunny” has some patients in hospital. She calls it “Sick World.”

2019_10 14 dog joke

2019_10 14 dog text

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