My latest update from the campaign trail.

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GREG GUTFELD: “The Media Dems report the worst of times during the best of times.” [13:00] – “All this is going to do is Red Pill another three or four million Americans.”

TUCKER CARLSON: Newt Gingrich [2:36] – “Pelosi has destroyed Biden’s campaign.”

Mark Steyn [3:28] – “The defense of Democrats is that Joe Biden may have said he got rid of this prosecutor, but all the governments, every government in Europe wanted this prosecutor gone. That may be true. But the foreign minister of Germany and the foreign minister of France didn’t go on TV and brag about how he gave a six-hour ultimatum to a foreign government to fire its prosecutor-general. The only politician on earth who did that is Joe Biden.”

TOLERANCE: It’s a conservative trait [4:45] Are you tolerant? You probably think so. But who is tolerant in America today? Is it those on the left, or those on the right?

BERNIE: He thinks being successful makes you a Bad Person – This from the man who owns 3 houses. BTW, envy is still a sin.

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FAUXCAHONTAS: She is an outspoken critic of big banks and corporationsAs Warren’s campaign gains momentum against Slimey Joe Biden, big money Democratic donors on Wall Street and in big business have anonymously reported that they will either sit out 2020 or actively support Trump if she is nominated.

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ANOTHER DEMOCRAT LIAR: Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) traveled to Ukraine in early September. After he came back, he made no mention of Joe or Hunter Biden.

Two weeks later, the whistleblower story breaks and, oh my, he suddenly “remembers” that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky had told him that Trump had pressured him to investigate Hunter Biden’s involvement with Ukrainian gas giant Burisma.

You might think this would be a big enough deal that he’d have said something when he first came back, right? ::coughcough::

Plus, you know, the phone call transcript AND Zelensky’s public statement both say Trump did NOT pressure him to do anything. He just asked, which is something he has every right to do. And, not only did Zelensky say he would do it, but also he said he HAD ALREADY PLANNED to do it.


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  1. red

    I got a group together and said, yo, let’s ask Warren where she was when 9,000 Tarahumara were starving to death. Why is it she says nothing about the modern American slave trade, yet most are Native Americans. We’re all now listed as her loyal supporters 🙂 No matter how often we ask, it’s ignored. Try it, it’s funny. The worse we go against her, the more they seem to love us. walk in beauty!

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  2. chrissythehyphenated

    I saw a thing on Facebook about Bill Maher slamming Biden, as if he was somehow breaking with the Leftie pack. It looks to me like destroying Biden has become the Left’s agenda, just like they destroyed Hillary in 2008 when whoever it is who makes these decisions for them decided Barack was going to win.

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