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2019_09 24 TRUMP as long as we have God

TRUMP: This quotation is from President Trump’s speech at the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast.

TRUMP and RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: I’m so proud of our president for organizing the FIRST EVER United Nations event on Religious Freedom [17:44]Today, with one clear voice, the United States of America calls upon the nations of the world to end religious persecution. Stop the crimes against people of faith,” Trump said. “Release prisoners of conscience. Repeal laws restricting freedom of religion and belief. Protect the vulnerable, the defenseless and the oppressed.

2019_09 25 UN

TRUMP and ABORTION: The Trump administration called on the United Nations to drop pro-abortion language from official documents. Ambiguous terms like ‘sexual and reproductive health’ are often used to mean abortion.

There is no international right to an abortion and these terms should not be used to promote pro-abortion policies and measures.” – Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar

LAST WEEK: Top headlines [3:29].

NINTH CIRCUS COURT: Trump has reshaped this notoriously activist court [3:38].

2019_09 25 chik

CHICK-FIL-A:  Chik-fil-A has more than doubled its annual sales since gay rights advocates called for a boycott of the chicken chain restaurant after it was revealed nearly a decade ago that the company donated to organizations that opposed same-sex marriage.

PRAGER U: How the government made you fat [5:55] – Ever since the introduction of the Food Pyramid in the early ’90s, the average American has gotten fatter and sicker. Has this government-approved nutritional guideline — the basis of the modern “healthy diet” — led us astray? If so, how did this happen, and what can we learn from it?

2019_09 24 SUN theft

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