My latest update from the campaign trail.

UKRAINE JOE: Hugh Hewitt talks with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham [23:29] – Joe Biden absolutely did use the power of his office to twist the arm of a foreign leader to fire a state prosecutor who was investigating Biden’s son, Hunter, for taking bribes. This is not a problem for Democrats … but Oh Em Gee, Trump MIGHT have TALKED about it on the PHONE! IMPEACH HIM!!!

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BIDEN: Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, has issued an open letter to Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden saying, in essence, “You can’t be Catholic and Pro-Choice.

The letter asks Biden to either conform your conduct to the Church to which you claim to belong, or acknowledge that you no longer belong to it.

2020 frontrunners toon

POLLS: The latest Des Moines Register poll of Iowa Democratic voters has Elizabeth Warren in the lead with 22%. The rest were at Joe Biden 20%, Bernie Sanders 11%, Pete Buttigieg 9%, and Kamala Harris 6%. Nobody else had more than 3%.

According to a NBC/WSJ poll, 58% of registered voters expressed unease about voting for President Trump. But the number is actually slightly higher for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The only candidate who fares better is Elizabeth Warren, who hasn’t faced much scrutiny in the Democratic primaries yet.

2020 Warren it's not your money

FAUXCAHONTAS: Elizabeth Warren wants to spend your retirement account for you – The Forbes article linked her explains how one of her sneakier proposals would target your 401k.

2020 hypocrites

HYPOCRITES: Several of the Democratic presidential candidates were in Iowa last Saturday, helping to cook 10,500 steaks on ten open grills.

These are the same people who preached at us during a recent CNN climate town hall about reducing our carbon footprints and eating less meat so as to save the planet from eco-apocalypse.

2020 Spartacus lies

SPARTACUS: Sen. Cory Booker’s presidential campaign manager warned his staff that the campaign is in serious financial trouble.

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