CLIMATE HOOKY: Sep 20, 2019 [4:49] – The Left hopes they can convince us that the climate is an emergency big enough to justify them taking control of everything.

PATRICK MOORE: [15:27] If you only have time to watch one thing from this post, make it this one!

N.b., his book is absurdly expensive in paperback, but only $10 in Kindle.

JORDAN PETERSON: [6:30]Why the world won’t unite to solve the complex issue of climate change.

CLIMATE REALITY: Must watch! [12:51] – Exposing the many ways in which climate alarmists misuse data to support their politically-motivated agenda.

This video is absolutely worth 13 minutes of your life. The next two are much, much longer, but worth while for those who are unfamiliar with the subject and feel a need to get up to speed.

CLIMATE SCIENCE 2012: [1:26:31] – Lord Monckton is excellent on global warming science.

I own this on DVD; it was one of the resources that convinced me to be a “climate denier.” Unfortunately, I can no longer find it for sale online. However, it is available at YouTube, at least for now.

CLIMATE SCIENCE 2016: “I have never said that there is no such thing as the greenhouse effect. There is. The question is how much difference it makes.” [1:33:21] – Lord Monckton again in an interview with Stefan Molyneux discussing the scientific manipulations which are used to push the global warming agenda.

This one has no visuals, so I found it harder to understand, but he covers new research he’s done, so I’m including the link for the die-hards among you.

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