My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 Left hates trump revealed

TRUMP APPROVAL: President Trump’s approval rating has bounced back and now sits at 44.3% in the Real Clear Politics average.

That’s slightly higher than the 43.9% average that Barack Obama had on September 18, 2011 – the same point in his presidency.

2020 Trump to step down

TRUMP CAMPAIGN FUND: President Trump raised $15 Million in a single day … in CALIFORNIA!

By comparison, California Senator Kamala Harris raised $12 Million over the entire nation over three MONTHS.

2020 Trump thumbs up

JUSTICE: A district court judge has slapped a restraining order on California’s new law requiring presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns in order to appear on the ballot. He promised a final ruling within the month.

BIDEN and UKRAINE: [3:17] – The Hannity interview above was filmed in April 2019. In May 2019, Rudy Giuliani said he wanted to go to Ukraine to look into this issue. The fake news is now trying to make this into some kind of Trump scandal. But it’s all about the crooked Obama administration.

In 2017, after leaving the White House, Biden bragged that he had successfully strong-armed the Ukrainian president into firing Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, threatening to pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, which would have sent the former Soviet republic toward insolvency. Biden even suggested that Barack Obama was in on the threat.

What he didn’t say was that, at the time Biden used the power of his office to get Shokin fired, Shokin was investigating Biden’s son, Hunter, for taking bribes.

BIDEN and CHINA: CNN refused to cover this massive Biden family scandal [1:39] – In 2013, Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter flew to China on Air Force Two on an official visit.

While VP Joe met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, son Hunter negotiated a very lucrative deal between the state-owned Bank of China and the private equity firm he co-owns with Chris Heinz, the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

2020 bootyjudge

BOOTYJUDGE: In 2018, Mayor Pete single-handedly blocked the pro-life Women’s Care Center from opening, because a “would be” neighbor objected. WOULD BE neighbor. As in not-a-neighbor-yet.

This oh-so-important representative of the neighborhood who neither owned nor rented in the neighborhood at the time was none other than the Whole Woman’s Health Alliance which wanted to open an abortion clinic in the same neighborhood.

Klopfer Update: It took Mayor Pete a long time to finally get around to issuing a statement about the discovery of the bodies of 2,246 aborted babies at the South Bend home of notorious and recently deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopfer.

He said he found the situation “disturbing” but hoped it wouldn’t interfere with women having access to abortion providers.

2020 deBlasio out

DeBLASIO: President Trump tweeted, “Oh no, really big political news, perhaps the biggest story in years! Part time Mayor of New York City, @BilldeBlasio, who was polling at a solid ZERO but had tremendous room for growth, has shocking dropped out of the Presidential race. NYC is devastated, he’s coming home!

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