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2019_09 17 prodigal son

2019_09 17 inspiring

INSPIRING: This plumber fixes pipes and boilers for vulnerable customers for free.

I don’t want any person who is elderly and disabled in this country, in this day and age, to die or suffer because of a cold home or a lack of funding to repair the boiler.”

TUCKER: [3:24] – Must watch!

2019_09 17 teacher ideology

SOCIALIST EDUCATION: Democrats oppose charter schools and tuition vouchers, because it is essential for them to dumb down the populace and convince them from childhood that they are helpless, hopeless victims.

The rabble must not be allowed to hope in anything more than what their elite government overlords permit them.

Meanwhile, the children of the elites who can afford private schooling are able to receive good educations so they can grow up to take their places in the ruling class.

2019_09 17 2A dem

GUNS: President Trump said he opposes the House-passed bill that implements universal background checks on the sale of nearly every firearm.

Federal law requires background checks on commercial gun sales, but not on sales between private buyers and sellers on the secondary market.

2019_09 17 Kavanaugh smears

SLIME STREAM MEDIA: The Trump deranged, shoddy, irresponsible, and an enemy to the American people New York Times tried and failed once again to get Justice Kavanaugh removed from office.

President Donald Trump called for the resignation of The New York Times reporters and editors who were responsible for the latest bogus story accusing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, one of Christine Blasey Ford’s closest high school friends now says Ford’s story never made any sense to her, but that she had been pressured to support Ford’s assault on Kavanaugh’s character, credibility, and Supreme Court nomination.

2019_09 17 ABORTION PP 2015-2016 report

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: A former Planned Parenthood sex educator says the organization’s sex education is designed to grooms children for promiscuity.

Promiscuity leads to teen pregnancy, which leads to the abortions which are Planned Parenthood’s reason for existing.

2019_09 17 CROWS attempted murder

2019_09 17 First day of school

2019_09 17 Gummy Bear

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