Nazis and Democrats

Two peas in a pod.

Hitler Sanders

Hitler was a Socialist. (Nazi was short for The National Socialist German Workers’ Party.)

In today’s parlance,

the political spectrum goes from

Left (most government)

to Right (least government).

So, in today’s political parlance, Communism and Socialism are on the Far Left; Anarchy and Unrestricted Capitalism are on the Far Right. Our system of Government-restricted Capitalism is in the middle.

IOW, Nazis were Leftists.

Back in the 20th century, Nazis were designated “far right” because the Nazis and the “far left” Communists LOATHED each other.

But the only significant distinction between the two was that Nazism was based on empowering the Aryan race over all others, while Communism was devoted to empowering the so-called “worker class” over all others.

  • Both were heavily militaristic and murderously oppressive toward all political enemies.
  • Both made the government into the state “god” and routinely persecuted religious believers of all kinds.
  • Both heavily controlled the press and education, through which they demonized political enemies.
  • Both persecuted free speech and disarmed the citizenry.

Our system slides around the middle a bit, depending on the amount of the regulation we permit at any given time.

  • Under Obama, it was more Left.
  • Under Trump, it’s gone more Right.

Some of the allegedly “Socialist” countries in Europe are actually in the middle and, in some instances (e.g., amount of red tape required to start a new business), some are further Right than we are.


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4 responses to “Nazis and Democrats

  1. The right/left dichotomy arose because in the British Parliament they had to separate the seating for the Commies and the Fascists to keep them physically as far apart as possible. Nothing to do with how the terms are used – and abused – in the USA (e.g. Conservatives=”right”). The reason I avoid the L/R terms altogether.


  2. red

    There’s something sick about a Jew who is a Nazi, but Bernie fits the bill. But, Hitler was a full-left communist who was in love with Lenin (the Jungen and Nazism are based on gay militants, only effeminate were sent to death camps). Hitler wanted to recreate Sparta, where each soldier had a same-sex partner.

    When Stalin needed help to defeat the Bolsheviks, Hitler rushed to his aid. He even tracked down the leaders and assassinated them for Stalin. It was only after Stalin demanded a whole dollar a barrel for oil that they became enemies, yet remained friends (remember, in the 30s, gasoline sold in the US for 3c a gallon, crude oil was much, much less).

    Castro was a Spaniard, educated in Nazi Spain. Margaret Sanger was both Nazi and communist, and saw no difference between them. Both slaughtered Jews and Christians on the least excuse. Both favored race control and gun control. Both advocated abortion for race and population control.

    Hitler diverged only when he declared the earth to be man’s only god (he was an atheist). He declared the ecology movement to be an integral part of Nazis (see fascist green movement, now and then).

    He diverged more by claiming demons (which he did not believe in) were ascended masters, and gave them what they demanded for helping the Nazi war machine, blood (look up Nazism and the Occult). The ascended masters gave him everything, one major victory after another, until the very religious nation of America called down hellfire and brimstone on him. That was the beginning of the end. Yet, thanks to DNC politicians favoring the nazi movement, Thanks to the Kennedy klan and other, we’re still fighting wwII. The second most popular book among Muslim youth is Mein Kampf.

    The next caliph will be a sign of Armageddon. He’ll be well-versed in Nazi teachings, and take control of the Eastern European empire, and then destroy much of the world. Word is, soros is seeking him to be his high priest. The Antichrist will need an apostate Jew as high priest. Next sign, Mecca will rebel against the caliph and be burned off the map.

    It’s September, and God bless you in this New Year. niio!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I just finished reading “Coffee with the Prophet” by Mark Gabriel. It’s a lot easier for me to understand (and loathe) Islam.


      • red

        You’d be surprised the volume of Muslims who despise Islam as well. I wrote a short piece based on an imam’s work, Are Muslims Apostates? He details how Mohammed was not into jihad, but worked with Christians and Jews, and was accepted as a prophet by both. That instructions are from him to ask us when a Muslim has questions about what he’s to believe. Yet, all he is today is a name used by thugs and murderers to gain wealth and power. I keep hearing many Muslims believe he was a Christian, and how they’ve been lied to.

        al-Jazira, imams were decrying how Africa went from 50% Islam to 20% today, with most becoming Christians. The Arab Springtime was set up to stop this, but all its done is make people even angrier.

        Look at how many young men were allowed into the US. Men of fighting age. AKA Trojan Horse, they wait for the order to make war. First targets are always atheists, then gays.

        My son-in-law, a Sunni (Bangladesh) still gets choked up when he has to go by the park the twin towers once stood. He worked in ‘white’ muslim nations and each of them treated him like dirt for not being white. Only in America is he treated as an equal. Christians and Jews gave him friendship, and most of Bangladesh sees America as a savior. When Katrina hit, they put up cans with a sign, America helped up, now you must help America. Pennies, skip a few meals, add some more because of the Love of America, of Christ, was here often when we were desperate. Terrorists stalk them, but many shout it in the streets, America is blessed because God blesses only those in submission to God. Peace to you. Once the caliph is in place, then you’ll understand the Lord is coming to destroy Islam for its apostasy.

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