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2019_09 09 One true God

2019_09 09 Trump's magic wand

TRUMP ECONOMY: More than 6.2 million individuals dropped off food stamps since President Donald Trump completed his first full month in office. Total savings so far … $9 Billion.

2019_09 09 terror

TERROR: Baltimore emergency officials evacuated a large area of downtown today after police discovered an abandoned van loaded with 1,000 gallons of gasoline in the parking garage of T. Rowe Price, one of the city’s largest private employers.

Officials quickly began an evacuation that for some has sparked Sept. 11 anxiety and turned the heart of the city’s business and tourist district into a crime scene tied off with yellow tape.

NRA: San Francisco have labeled the NRA’s 5 million members “terrorists” [5:14] – The Leftards running this once-beautiful city need a reality check. This is a good rant, filled with facts and valid points.

LEFTIST BULLIES: This is truly shameful [2:59] – The students, teachers, and even the superintendent are all on board with making it impossible for this pro-Trump student to attend her school.

2019_09 09 Chicks vs Humans

JUSTICE: Update on the baby body parts trial – The CEO of StemExpress admitted in court Thursday that her biotech company supplies beating fetal hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers.

A lawyer for the defense noted this “would indicate that child was born alive, and then had their organs cut out of them, or that that child was the victim of an illegal partial-birth abortion.”


RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: A Colorado man is suing his Catholic health care providers because they refuse to help him commit suicide.

He says he doesn’t want to transfer to another facility, because the Catholic one is more convenient to his home.

2019_09 09 vaping

VAPING: More than 190 people have suffered severe lung injuries in 22 states. One is now dead. Not only does vaping damage the lungs (big surprise NOT), but the stupid things can EXPLODE. Do an internet search for “vaping injury images”, preferably not while you’re eating.

CLIMATE: Must watch [14:28] – There are huge political reasons for all the Left’s climate crisis hype … and they all have to do with empowering government elites to further limit our freedoms.

NOBODY knows what causes global warming. Approximately half of the .9°C of global warming that has occurred over the past century happened BEFORE we started using fossil fuels in large quantities. And the warming has stopped even as our use of fossil fuels has risen.

Also, the ONLY climate model (of 32) that actually works is NOT the one the climate activists use. The other 31 predict SEVEN TIMES the warming that we have actually seen happen. But climate alarmists continue to use the 31 that are WRONG.

2019_09 09 irony

IRONY: God has a wicked sense of humor – Sixteen Climate Change Warriors took an arctic tour ship to document the Melting Arctic Ice Crisis. Between Norway and the North Pole, the ship was stranded in the ice. Passengers were evacuated by helicopter. Crew stayed on board to await Coast Guard assistance.

In May 2009, two global warming activists trying to reach Greenland’s polar ice cap ran into cold and stormy weather and had to be rescued by an oil tanker.

In December 2013, a Russian expedition ship carrying global warming scientists got stuck in ice. A Chinese ice breaker rescued that bunch.

HUMPBACK: [3:09] – When a whale swam up to this woman and wouldn’t leave her alone, she was freaked out — until she realized he was saving her from a shark.

BELUGA: [:57] I agree that it was the veil that attracted the whale, but not because it looked like a jelly fish. (Why would a whale approach a jelly fish?!) I think it was because it made the bride look like another beluga whale!

2019_09 09 SHARK Lego

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