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Democrat Climate Cult

From Cristina Laila at Gateway Pundit – 2020 Democrat candidates participated in a 7-hour long CNN climate change town hall Wednesday evening and they admitted they pretty much want to ban everything and take Americans back to the dark ages.

Communist crackpot Bernie Sanders not only called for mass global genocide and population reduction, he admitted that banning incandescent light bulbs, factory farming and other modern day advances will bring greater human misery. Continue reading


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Bits & Bytes


MASCOTS: First day of school – Buzz is still in Special Ed. Bunny is starting 2d grade. She is also autistic, but much less than Buzz and has been flourishing with mainstreaming. She gets extra help where she needs it and they both continue with speech, occupational, and ABA therapies.

Bootz isn’t ready for school … so he helped with the shopping. Mama Buzz texted, “He scanned all our groceries, bagged them, swiped card (I did my PIN), pushed the cart all the way to the car, then helped load the bags. When we got home, he helped carry them into the house!

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My latest update from the campaign trail.

MASSIVE VOTER INTERFERENCE: Hillary’s popular vote lead can be attributed entirely to Google’s interference [6:12] – So says a behavioral scientist (and Hillary supporter) who has studied this.

While they were screaming, “Russia stole the election for Trump,” the REAL voter interference was by social media giants ON BEHALF OF DEMOCRATS.

And, “In 2020, you can bet these companies will go ALL OUT.”

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