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Trump and Lady Liberty

TRUMP ECONOMY: The share of American workers satisfied with their paychecks rose last year, and “the biggest leap came from millennials and Generation Z, whose enthusiasm for their compensation shot from 36% in 2017 to nearly 46% a year later,” Lauren Weber reports for The Wall Street Journal.

In all, nearly 54% of U.S. workers said they were satisfied with their jobs in 2018, the highest share reported in more than two decades.”


BORDER: According to the Laredo Morning Times (Texas), the El Cenizo City Council will be meeting with We Build The Wall to discuss future planning to construct a barrier on the end of the riverbank picnic area in their small city.

The City Commissioner says that Border Patrol agents say El Cenizo is a main point for narcotics smugglers. The city wants a border, because residents are afraid to use the picnic area.

FLYNN:Egregious government misconduct” [6:59] Flynn’s attorney, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, accuses the DOJ of withholding key trial documents.


WESTERHOUT OUT: Madeleine Westerhout abruptly resigned on Thursday after breaching the president’s trust – She has acted as one of Trump’s personal assistants since he took office. I think she was one of the people with a desk in the room between the West Wing hallway and the Oval Office.

MEDIA HYPOCRISY: Dr. Beth Mynett divorce suit cites Rep. Ilhan Omar as the adulterous “other woman” who ruined her marriage [8:54] – Compare the Slime Stream Media’s ::crickets:: about this story with their obsessive coverage of Stormy Daniels’ accusations about President Trump.

Will and Grace

LIBERAL BULLIES: Greg Gutfeld responded, “You wanna know why anyone in Hollywood who thinks for themselves has to keep their mouths shut and their heads down? Like Joe McCarthy, [these people] see ruining a career as a viable method to encourage lockstep. ‘Be like me, or you’re finished.‘”

ABORTION: Facebook is censoring pro-life information [4:07].

bravo father

BRAVO, FATHER: Response to a recent New York Times article, “‘It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.’ Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out.”I have no patience for priests who ‘come out’ as gay and insist the priesthood is some sort of cage. Nobody forced you to become a priest. The faithful don’t need to deal with your issues, pal. They don’t deserve to deal with any of our issues. We serve them. Period.

“Priests who insist they ‘can’t be who they are’ in the priesthood mean to say ‘who they are’ isn’t a priest as the Church has ‘always’ understood priesthood. The last thing the faithful need are priests who make their sexuality their primary identity.

“‘Being gay’ and ‘coming out’ may seem to you, Father, as being true to your authentic self, but that’s contrary to your ordination, which makes your authentic self a person in persona Christi in the service of the people of God.

“If you can’t live that way, if you can’t give yourself freely, without making your sexuality “a thing” in this equation, then be a man, be noble, and as our Holy Father Pope Francis says: leave the priesthood.

“The same is true, btw, of any priest who finds himself engrossed and completely distracted by the attention and subtleties of the fairer sex. If your priesthood is about being with women you’re attracted to, your thoughts and language always sexual, you’ve got a problem.

“A Father cannot help his children if he’s a broken distracted mess of a man requiring them to pick him up and set him aright. That’s the classic role reversal of a dysfunctional family. It has no place in the priesthood and the Church.” – Fr. Thomas Petri, OP, of the Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Joseph

No warming

CLIMATE: It changes … BIG DUH – There hasn’t been any warming since 2005, which is why they all switched to yammering about “climate change” instead of “global warming” or the 70s era “impending ice age.”

The true climate record shows humans have survived at lower temperatures and THRIVED at higher temperatures. The Medieval Warm Period was a period of unparalleled prosperity, since it allowed a greater abundance of food crops. In England, they were growing wine grapes in this period.

It was followed by the Little Ice Age, when England got so cold, the Thames would freeze so hard, people could skate on it. This time was a struggle, but even without all our modern technology, humanity … and certainly the planet … survived.

The Left’s climate change hysteria is nothing more than an elitist scam to grab more power and money for itself. I feel nothing but contempt for them and sorrow for the sheeple who swallow their lies, especially the children. All that doomsday “Inconvenient Truth” crap they shoved down the throats of vulnerable children was just plain EVIL.

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