My latest update from the campaign trail.

TRUMP: This report is from 2017 [1:41].

HUCKABEE: He makes a great point [4:14] – It’s wrong that government employees can abandon their jobs to campaign for new positions, while continuing to collect their salaries and benefits, then go back to their jobs if they lose.

  If they want to run for a different position, they should have to RESIGN from their current position.

michelle pie

SOCIALIST ELITE: They truly believe that they deserve their ginormous pieces of the pie.

BIDEN fake story

DEMOCRATS SUCK: The media were abuzz Wednesday and Thursday with FALSE claims that Trump is deporting kids with cancer and denying U.S. citizenship to the children of service member born overseas.

Joe Biden added these LIES to his stump speech.

BIDEN: Enthusiasm turns to concern [6:12] – Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn talk about Biden’s latest mental lapses. Steyn is hysterical! LOL!!


BETO: Is “potty mouth” a voter demographic?

Beto assault weapons

BETO: POTUS doesn’t have the authority to order anyone to violate our constitutional rights – And even if he did, how would a President Beto propose forcing unwilling gun owners to participate? At gunpoint?

AOC do nothing

AOC: Ignorance isn’t bliss … it’s just ignorance – AOC tweeted out the fact that, in Texas, you can use a concealed carry permit for voter ID, but you cannot use a student ID.

CLEARLY, this is a case of VOTER SUPPRESSION by eeeevil Red Neck, Red State Repukelicans, right?!

Uh. Not so much.

You have to be a legal resident to obtain a concealed carry permit in Texas. To obtain a student ID, you just have to be enrolled in that school.

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