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MUST WATCH: [6:30]Do NOT miss out on this one!

CHARBEL RAISH: Goosebumps! [2:16] – When he told his Catholic mother that he’d become a Muslim, she challenged him to visit their local Catholic church and ask Jesus in the Eucharist if he should remain Muslim.

OPIOID CRISIS: Johnson & Johnson lied to doctors and the public about the safety of prescription opioid pain killer [2:22] – An Oklahoma judge rules that the pharmaceutical company could be held liable for its role in the drug crisis that has taken thousands of American lives.

G-7: The billion-dollar deal should be finalized in SeptemberPresident Trump said that Japan’s prime minister agreed to purchase some of our excess corn.

CNN one narrative

MEDIA: Speaking of narratives, both CNN and MSNBC “coincidentally” had psychiatrists on over the week-end to “diagnose” the president as unfit to lead. Both of them “coincidentally” accused Trump of committing crimes against humanity.

And speaking of CNN’s “journalistic standards” … the Washington Examiner editorial board called the Russia! Russia! Russia! network’s decision to hire former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe “The opposite of journalism” –

CNN has sent a clear message to those in government: If you lose your position of public trust because you lie under oath, you can always land a job at CNN — at least as long as your lie was for a good cause, such as the resistance to Trump, or presumably to whatever Republican presidents are elected in the future.

joe the plumber

MEDIA: The Times and other journos obviously don’t like being threatened with their own medicine – An article in the New York Times over the weekend was basically a meltdown about the news that Trump allies are digging up embarrassing tweets from NYT, WaPo and CNN personnel (and others).

air quality

AIR QUALITY: Here’s some good and important news that got scant attention in much of the media – The Trump administration’s pragmatic approach to the environment, Americans are breathing the cleanest air on record.

The news gets even better for low-income and minority communities. Eighty percent of low-income counties now meet our nation’s clean air standards, compared to only 43 percent in 2008. This is tremendous progress in a short period of time.

U.S. fine particle pollution levels are six times below the global average and seven times below Chinese levels. They are also much lower than the levels in other industrialized nations, including France, Germany and Russia.

PRAY FOR JUSTICE: Planned Parenthood has sued the people who exposed their illegal sale of baby body parts – The case is set to go to trial. If the good guys lose, it will be very, very bad. PRAY.

Also, watch the movie “UnPlanned”, about Abby Johnson’s experience with Planned Parenthood. Dearest and I watched it last night. I read the book in 5 hours … literally could not put it down … and the film makers did a great job with the story.

Fair warning: It’s an important movie, not an easy movie. It’s also not for the little ones. However, if my kids were still in jr/sr high, I would definitely make sure they watched every minute of it.

bill maher

NAKED HATE SPEECH: Stilton skewers the extremely unfunny Bill Maher WITH HIS OWN WORDS. Click to read the disgusting Maher’s “comedy monologue” and Stilton’s very satisfying rant.

CREATIVE JUSTICE: This judge is AWESOME! [1:59] – Watch this one!




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  1. Little ones… cleaning… sticky…


    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOLOL … I also made the sticky meme. It’s a true story.

      Yours brings to mind a story a neighbor told me about myself when I was very young. I was struggling with a door. She said, “That’s a sticky one. Do you have any sticky doors at your house?” I replied, “No. My mommy washes them.”

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      • I read a story years ago written by a mother whose daughter shared an apartment with a group of other girls, none of whom was much of a housekeeper. One day the daughter mentioned that she had done some cleaning, and the mother, who had been horrified at the squalor in which her daughter was living, expressed relief. Then the daughter said, “Well, your feet still stick to the floor, but it no longer pulls your socks off.”

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